Adventures with the Baumgartners

Adam & Eve
Adventures with the Baumgartners

Kay Brandt and Adam & Eve have done it again. The highly anticipated sequel to the XBIZ Award-winning “Babysitting the Baumgartners” packs delicious sex, solid acting and an engaging storyline into its four-hour run time, spanning 10 scenes and two discs.

The latest adaptation of erotica author Selena Kitt’s novels, “Adventures with the Baumgartners” sees the return of Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite as the titular Baumgartners Doc and Carrie, as well as Sara Luvv (#SaraPleaseComeBack) as the totally lovable (but fuckable!) Ronnie … and AJ Applegate as Gretchen, the bangable bisexual. Rounding out the stellar cast are 2017 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year Xander Corvus, Edyn Blair, Katy Kiss, Ricky Johnson and Derrick Pierce.

The first scene is a steamy meetup between fiery redhead Edyn and blonde babe Anikka where, like in the first “Baumgartners,” Anikka employs her pussy shaving skills (this time for Edyn’s bush) because her husband prefers his girls clean-cut. The scene is sensual and slow (few can so effortlessly direct romance like Kay), with both girls tending to each other’s body with the utmost care. Viewers are even treated to some surprising scissor action (hot!) before both of them cum. Once the sweaty romp is over, they spoon and fall asleep. Cute!

Up next, Sara and AJ share a moment so intimate, your heart just might nut too. The encounter is soft and sweet — AJ even tucks a pillow behind Sara’s head right before she fingerfucks her. “You’re so pretty,” Sara coos, running her fingers through AJ’s hair. “Aww,” AJ murmurs, smiling between kisses. She alternates between sucking on petite Sara’s nipples and kissing down her stomach. The duo play convincing lovers and serve up adorable banter in between the sex.

Other notable scenes in disc one include AJ and Sara making love (believe me, it’s love) in the hallway, while listening to Ricky and Katy get it on in the bedroom, as well as an all-girl mashup consisting of AJ, Sara and Katy on the couch.

Disc two starts with Edyn and Anikka yet again, but Anikka’s handsome hubby Mick joins in on the fun this time around. Anikka and Mick prove, as the tagline of the first movie joyfully proclaimed, that Carrie and Doc really do love everyone! And boy do they show how much they love Edyn’s body and curves. Mick pulls Edyn on top of him and fucks her hard while Anikka kisses her man. Despite the scene’s rough nature, it never loses passion or romance.

Then, peppered in between transition scenes, we delve deeper into the movie’s storyline. Turns out that Sara really, really loves AJ but she also loves Xander’s character, Vince, too. (We’ve all been there, right?) Stuck at a crossroads, Sara can’t seem to decide who she loves more … but both AJ and Xander are starting to get restless and want her to choose! Who does she pick? Well, I won’t spoil it for you, but I will tell you that despite being #TeamGronnie (that’s Gretchen/Ronnie), Xander and Sara’s scene is in my top three for the feature.

Xander is a strong actor and an even stronger player when it comes to the sex scenes. He bends little Sara over and shows her a good time. He’s smiling the entire time he’s plowing into her, making the rough romp a swoon-worthy encounter. Just as he’s going down on Sara, the camera shifts to a surprised AJ watching from the hallway. Confusion flashes in her eyes, but ultimately, she decides watching her lover get fucked by her other lover is totally hot. AJ fucks herself in the hallway, listening to the duo.

The title ends with a fantastic foursome between the “adults” in the movie. After a fancy dinner party, Mick, Anikka, Edyn and Derrick move into the bedroom. I can’t pick who delivers the best performance in this scene, because they’re all amazing. You can tell the sex is great, because in between thrusts and grunts, the couples laugh and offer witty remarks about each other’s significant others. To close the feature, Anikka and Mick look at each other lovingly. She grasps his cock, with cum dripping down her face and says, “God, I love you.” (We love them too!)

Whether you’re looking for a little storyline or just want some seriously sexy action, “Adventures with the Baumgartners” has it all. You’re going to beg for a trilogy. A+, Kay!


The sequel to the award-winning Babysitting the Baumgartners! Doc and Carrie Baumgartner invite another couple into their bedroom for all types of naughty fun. Meanwhile, their former babysitter Ronnie is seeing her roommate Gretchen, her buff trainer Vince, and another couple all at the same time!

Melissa Santana