Hogtied 22

Hogtied 22

Hot-assed cougar Kristina Rose (33), MILF harlot Maxine X (42) and black babe Chanell Heart (24) all get tied up and their pussies seriously vibed by some baseball-capped dude named the Pope, care of the twisted folks at San Francisco’s Kink.com.

Bubble-butted and still-cute San Diego Latina Kristina Rose is no stranger to porn viewers, what with her asshole being blasted out more times than you can count, and, being the true submissive that she is, Rose similarly lets it all hang out here, sans a real-life dick. She gladly allows the Pope (TP) to flog her ass, tits, and back. He soon vibes the ball-gagged but, nonetheless, screaming hussy. And it’s great seeing that perfect, well-greased Rose butt bent over while she’s tied up on her hands and knees, with booty getting good and red from spanking. Our man jams a big, black vibe up her anus, while finger-fucking her cunt. He moves the vibe from ass to cunt, adding to the scene’s masturbatory horniness. Next, Rose is suspended upside-down, still tied up, with TP sending shocks across her body with his little jolt wand. He fingers and vibes her cunt. Finally, Kristina is on her back on a bed, tied up, her legs fully spread; in turn, there’s more vadge vibin’, this time with a long broom-like dildo, with TP getting his fingers good and wet up her undoubtedly sopping cunt.

While 42-year-old Maxine X (from Cambodia and raised in Canada) does the occasional all-out porn (and sometimes anal) flick, here she’s at home getting tied up, spanked and vibed silly. With big augmented boobs, the short (at 5’ 1”) Maxine can definitely take a lickin’. TP flogs the hell out of the ball-gagged bitch, tied up on a workhorse, before he vibes the screaming wench. Next she’s on her stomach, all tied up (and tongue-tied!) with her ass and pussy in better view, as TP flogs, fingers and dildos her, the latter with his usual broom-like stick, while pressing another love stick to her clit. TP then makes her suck on the pussy-drenched dildo. Dee-lish! She’s next tied up upon the floor, her legs fully spread, with our man with the baseball cap getting her to squirt quite a bit with his various and sundry love toys.

Finally, 24-year-old Pittsburgh native Chanell Heart is — like Kristina and Maxine — a dirty anal porn star who likes getting tied up and pussy-probed. This ebony spinner is first bound, gagged and left standing, with one leg dangling, before TP shows up and hand-spanks her fine ass cheeks; fingers then vibes her equally fine pussy. She’s then tied up against a brick wall while seated on a pussy-spreading bench. By the way, I really like how Chanell drools all over the place while the gag is in her mouth. Nasty. Anyhow, TP pulls on her chained nipples and chained pussy, while also fingering Heart’s honey hole, choking her, slapping her tits, flogging same, vibing her pussy, with (yep!) plenty o’ drool jus cascading from her cake hole.

She’s next really hogtied and dangling, with TP spanking her feet and ass cheeks with a riding crop of sorts. He cunt-tinues, as he did with Heart earlier, to vibe her vadge, while putting that big-stick dildo right down her hackin’ throat, with plenty more spit being produced. Finally, she’s on a bench — upon her back, legs tied back, hands tied down, pussy sticking out — for TP to vibe, which he does, while spanking her in various spots with that dastardly crop. He eventually greases up her cunt, vibes her more, while jamming a dildo down her gullet. TP, as with the other two subs, vibes her clit and jams the broom dildo down her cunt to orgasm. Obedient whore, that Heart.

If you like seeing sexy bitches, in their 20s/30s/40s, getting their tasty bodies whipped and tied, while their mouths and cunts are drilled dried, then you’re gonna absolutely dig this one.


Kristina is a classy bitch that likes to let her hair down and be tormented in bondage. She`s such a masochistic submissive who is willing to endure almost anything to please her dominant, that you can`t help but want to punish her. She is subjected to extreme bondage and menacing torment before she is fucked in the ass and made to cum against her will!

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