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If you’re going to give your fuck-flick a title like “Icons,” you better deliver. TitanMen does that with a superb showcase for the legendary Diesel Washington. The title theme also extends to iconic gear the studs sport in each of three carefully crafted scenes.

Washington returns to TitanMen after a painfully long hiatus and he’s been given a terrific partner in Dallas Steele. Their sexplay begins as both wear motorcycle helmets (as strikingly photographed for the DVD insert). Although Steele rides Washington’s gorgeous, oversized boner in several positions like he’d rather be nowhere else, it’s Washington who provides a master class in oral action. He deepthroats Steele’s boner, slicking it with spit, slowly tasting every inch. A great kickoff to a scene that doesn’t feel overlong despite running north of 40 minutes.

Tex Davidson sports a delectable, upwards-curving boner that partner JJ Thicke (yes, it’s very thick) feasts on. Both men sport baseball gear and backwards caps. Happily, they flip-fuck so viewers can enjoy men taking those sizable boners with pleasure and their sexplay has a carefully studied vibe, as if the men want to be sure they enjoy every moment.

The final scene has bald, glowering Jesse Jackman in football padding ready to dominate the smaller, handsome Colt Rivers, in a black-and-yellow harness, right out of the gate. Jackman’s running temperature starts at “intense” and he needs a sexual partner who loves being dominated and can really keep up with him. Steele clearly has the skills and being such physical opposites enhances their sexplay.

Director Jasun Mark stages all three scenes in stark, industrial rooms with metal walls and careful use of lighting to enhance the mood. The Rough Trade Gear worn by the men is more than mere product placement and plays into the theme. One of the year’s stronger all-male sexflicks.


Muscle worship. Sport gear. Sword play. The juices flow hard and heavy as the Icons of TitanMen - including Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele and returning legend Diesel Washington - show off their testosterone-dripping talents. You'll see why they are Icons.

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