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New Book Surveys UK's Pleasure Products Sector

Former Erotic Trade Only magazine editor Dale Bradford has published a new book surveying the pleasure products industry in the U.K., “From Sex Shops to Supermarkets: How Adult Toys Became a Multi-Billion-Pound Industry.”


Pleasure Products Industry Execs Share Roadmap for New Year

As we ring in the new year, we think of where we’ve been and where we’re going. We make New Year’s resolutions and strive to become better people than we were the year before. We imagine new directions for our personal lives and new ambitions for our businesses and careers.

Pleasure Network Launches '12 Days of Pleasure' Campaign

Pleasure Network is launching its “12 Days of Pleasure” campaign, including giveaways, new features and NFT collections across its brands, starting Feb. 14.


The Basics of Influencer Marketing for Pleasure Brands

"Influencer marketing" means exactly what it says: sourcing people to help promote your products, services or events. Influencers can boost your signal by attending brand events, uploading candid reviews of your products or simply giving you a shoutout on social media.

Bryony Lees ·

Jessica Drake to Give Porn Literacy Talk at Pleasure Chest

Jessica Drake will deliver a free seminar on porn literacy and managing sexual expectations, on Feb. 7 at The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood, California.

Adria Rae, Jewelz Blu 'Double the Pleasure' in Ricky's Room

Adria Rae and Jewelz Blu star in the latest scene from Ricky's Room, "Double the Pleasure."

XR Brands Expands 'Charmed' Line With New Pleasure Necklaces

XR Brands has added the 10X Vibrating Silicone Teardrop Necklace and the 10X Vibrating Silicone Heart Necklace to its Charmed line.

Playboy, Lovers Stores Partner to Launch 'Playboy Pleasure' Brand

Playboy's new pleasure product and sexual wellness brand, Playboy Pleasure, is now available exclusively through PLBY Group-owned retailer Lovers Stores.

Womanizer, We-Vibe Among Top 2022 Brands for Largest Swiss Pleasure Retailer

Amorana, Switzerland’s largest pleasure product retailer, has published its ranking of top sellers for 2022, which includes toys by Womanizer, We-Vibe, Lovense and several other European market players.


How Pleasure Brands Can Bank on the Blurred Lines Between Affiliate Marketing, PR

Affiliate marketing is important for a brand’s overall ecommerce growth, and it can be the key to securing online earned coverage in top-tier publications too.

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Slate Probes Social Media Discrimination Against Pleasure Product Companies

Slate published a report last week documenting discrimination against pleasure product companies by major social media platforms.


A Look at How Kinship Drives the Pleasure Industry Forward

You might assume combining family and work is likely to cause strain on both ends, and perhaps even be detrimental to business. Yet in the pleasure industry, myriad family-owned businesses are proving otherwise.


Bawdy Bookworms' Thien-Kim Lam Elevates Erotic Books With Pleasure Product Pairings

Romance novels enable readers to indulge in escapism, vicariously experiencing passion and lust with a guaranteed happy ending that real life doesn’t always offer. But what if you simultaneously gave those same readers products to help them explore their own physical pleasure?

Casey Murphy ·

Surface Highlights 'Pleasure Jewelry' Trend

Surface Magazine today profiled several fashion designers currently producing “a new wave of pleasure jewelry," high-end pieces which double as luxe sex toys.

Cere Introduces 'Indiscreet' Pleasure Products Packaging

Cere has launched its new, limited-edition “indiscreet packaging.”

Wicked Sensual Care Reveals Results of 'Survey of Pleasure'

Wicked Sensual Care has released the results of its "Survey of Pleasure" market research report.

San Francisco Good Vibrations to Display Vibratex's 'Pleasure as Art' Piece

“Pleasure as Art,” an art piece commissioned by Magic Wand’s North American importer Vibratex, will be on display later this month at the Good Vibrations downtown location in San Francisco.

Fun Factory Unveils 'Paired for Pleasure' Sets

Fun Factory has debuted the company's new Paired for Pleasure Sets, which feature two complementary toys bundled together.


A Look at the Absurdity of Indian Laws Surrounding Pleasure Products

Every time I disclose to someone that I co-founded a company that sells pleasure products, the first question I get is about the legality of the business — and rightly so.

Shweta Sangtani ·

Why Pleasure Product Manufacturers Should Stop Gendering Sex Toys

The pleasure products industry has traditionally organized toys by gender, with clearly defined men’s and women’s sections. In recent years, though, the industry has become more progressive and inclusive.

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