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Why Getting Back to In-Person Events Is Imperative for Pleasure Biz

Even before COVID-19, consumers were already increasingly shopping online. During the pandemic, that trend naturally skyrocketed, and many of us store owners and suppliers became accustomed to leaning back and managing nearly all of our business from behind a screen.

Sean Quinn ·

What Pleasure Brands Need to Know About Celebrity Endorsements

The right celebrity endorsement could skyrocket your brand into profitable relevance. The wrong one could send your brand crashing down into obscurity. While the allure of celebrity endorsements is obvious, less obvious are the risks that come with handing over the responsibility for your brand’s reputation to a third party.

Kathryn Byberg ·

The Next Wave: Pleasure Industry Execs Forecast 2024

The dawn of 2024 is upon us and the adult retail biz is buzzing with anticipation, looking forward to seeing what new, innovative pleasure products, lubricants and sensual cosmetic lines will hit the market in the coming year.

NY Times Profiles 'Technosexual' Pleasure Data Tracking Trend

The New York Times published an article Friday by Styles section dating columnist Gina Cherelus, about pleasure products for “those who want to take a data-driven approach to their pleasure.”


Nasstoys Marks 45 Years of Pioneering in the Pleasure Industry

Longtime pleasure products manufacturer Nasstoys, known for its vast variety of adult products and supplements, is commemorating 45 years in the business of making people happy.

Kim Airs · Relaunches 'MenSexGear' Pleasure Product Line has relaunched its MenSexGear line of male pleasure products, and will be featuring them in a new series, "Unboxing Men."


Combining Pleasure Biz Marketing Tactics Into a Strategy for Growth

"New year, new you” isn’t just a personal mantra. It’s a game changer for businesses too. With the holiday season behind us, now is the perfect moment to dust away the cobwebs of lingering routine, toss out the empty coffee cups and gather ’round for a digital marketing powwow.

Lauren Bailey ·

The Mainstreaming of Pleasure Products: Boom or Doom?

Not all that long ago, the idea that you might pick up a sex toy at the same drugstore or big box store where you do the rest of your shopping seemed unlikely at best. But today, with attitudes toward sexual wellness shifting, our category has hit the mainstream.

Sean Quinn ·

XBIZ Honors Brings Pleasure Community Together for Its Biggest Night of Celebration

Executives and leaders of the pleasure industry gathered Sunday night to toast outstanding career achievements with a night of glamorous looks, heartfelt speeches and fun tributes as they took to the stage to present and accept prestigious XBIZ Award and XBIZ Exec trophies.


What Pleasure Brands Can Learn From Gen Z's Approach to Sex

The most shocking thing I’ve read about sex recently was in the autobiography of the late Matthew Perry, where the “Friends” star cheerfully admitted there was a time in his life when his penis didn’t work for many years.

Julia Margo ·

Personal Fav to Showcase Plant-Based Sex Serum, Pleasure Oil at Vibe Expo

Personal Fav Co. will showcase its Whet plant-based sex serum, and its Pique pleasure oil, at Vibe Expo, “the pleasure show,” set to take place at the stylish Loews Hollywood Hotel Jan. 12-13.


A Look at the Trends Shaping the European Pleasure Market

In today’s growing, global landscape of pleasure products, Europe stands as a vibrant and diverse market that’s constantly adapting to changing regulations while catering to ever-evolving consumer demand.


Why 'Innovation' Is More Than a Buzzword in the Pleasure Biz

These days, the word “innovative” seems to pop up in reference to almost anything, from electronics to foodstuffs. Whatever it is, someone is probably out there trying to make the new, better, more innovative version. But what does that really mean?

Eric Lee ·

Indian Pleasure Brand 'Sassiest' Secures Funding Led by Besharam's Raj Armani

Indian sexual wellness startup Sassiest has secured pre-series funding led by Besharam’s Raj Armani.

S-Hande to Showcase 'Multi-Pleasure Vibrators' at Vibe Expo

Shenzhen S-Hande Technology Co. will showcase its line of vibrators at Vibe Expo, “the pleasure show,” set to take place at the stylish Loews Hollywood Hotel on Jan. 12-13.

Holistic Wisdom Releases Guide on Cleaning Pleasure Products

Holistic Wisdom has released a guide on how to properly clean pleasure products.


How Integrated Marketing Can Play an Essential Role in Pleasure Product Sales

Right now, there are more PR and marketing channels than ever before. Some are closed to the adult industry, but there are still more than enough channels available to help you turn your audience into customers.

Kathryn Byberg ·

Holistic Wisdom Releases Guide on Pleasure Products for 2024

Holistic Wisdom has released a guide on the best pleasure products categories for 2024.


Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Like A Kitten Pleasure Brand

In 2017, Natalie Annis was ready for a career pivot. She was working in the construction industry as the owner of a manufacturing and distribution company, but after 20 years in that business, she was ready for a change.

Sofia Barrett-Ibarria ·