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Apple to Expand Automated Surveillance of iPhone Message Images

Apple’s iOS 16 update for iPhones, expected this fall, will expand worldwide a controversial “communications security" tool that will use proprietary AI to detect nudity in text messages.

Woodhull, EFF Issue Call to Action Against Apple iPhone Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is organizing an action to convince Apple to reconsider incorporating a new surveillance technology into all its products, supposedly in the name of “child safety,” which will scan users’ photos and messages.

Florida Court Denies Shield for iPhone Passcode

A Florida man suspected of voyeurism can be compelled to tell police his iPhone passcode so they can search it for incriminating photos, a Florida appellate court ruled last week.

ModelCentro Launches iOS App for iPad, iPhone

ModelCentro has announced the launch of a new mobile app for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, now available via Apple’s App Store.


Mobile Traffic Is Now About More Than Just Direct Clicks

When mobile first started to find its way onto the landscape of the adult online industry, some companies reacted quickly and profited greatly. Others were slower to move forward, while many seemed to stay stuck in an earlier era pretending that desktops would remain dominant forever.

Stewart Tongue ·

Mobile Traffic Solutions: Understanding Mobile Advertising

Perhaps the three most important drivers for mobile domination have happened this year.

Oliver Crane ·

Apple Granted Patent for VR Headset for Use With iPhone, iPod

Apple today was granted a patent for a virtual reality video headset.

New iPhone, Android Accessory Can Detect HIV

An accessory that works with Android and iPhone smartphones can detect HIV with a finger prick in 15 minutes.

Pavtube Studio Offers Special iPhone 6 Data Page

Multimedia software applications provider Pavtube Studio has announced the release of an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus special page.

MyPornProfile Launches Video Feature for iPhone, Android Apps

MyPornProfile.com on Friday announced the addition of a new feature to its iPhone and Android apps.

Webmaster Central: Paying Customers Prefer iPad Over iPhone

Webmaster Central has disclosed that, for its reportedly one million daily unique visitors, more view video content online via the iPad, surpassing iPhone usage rates for the first time.

Court OKs Seizure of iPhone Metadata to Track Child Porn

Federal authorities lawfully seized iPhone metadata to locate a man accused of uploading child pornography, a federal court has ruled.

SmartSex App Billed As a 'Sex Advisor' for College Students

Pando Health Resources has launched the SmartSex app for college students that may have slept through sex-ed the first time around.

Playboy Debuts No Nudity iPhone App

Playboy has unveiled its new iPhone app sans nudity.

Webmaster Central Mobile Feeds Now iPad Mini, iPhone 5 Compatible

Webmaster Central announced today that all of its mobile feeds are completely compatible with Apple’s latest introductions, the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

Vivid Entertainment Launches Apple iPhone, iPad App

Vivid Entertainment launched "Vivid Touch," today, a browser delivered, gesture-based web app for Apple smartphones and tablet devices.

Video: iPhone 5 Is Lighter, Thinner and Has Bigger Screen

Apple announced its new iPhone 5 today, upping the maker's Retina display screen size to 4 inches from the 3.7-inch display its predecessor models had.

RedPass Release iPhone App

RedPass.com has released a new iPhone app.

Good Vibrations Launches iPhone Customer Loyalty App

Good Vibrations announced today the launch of its loyalty rewards app for the Apple iPhone.

A Look at Steadicam Smoothee

As the iPhone’s expanding video prowess continues to make production inroads, some innovative hardware add-ons are entering the market to help mobile shooters excel.

Stephen Yagielowicz ·