Webmaster Central Mobile Feeds Now iPad Mini, iPhone 5 Compatible

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central announced today that all of its mobile feeds are completely compatible with Apple’s latest introductions, the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

“Webmaster Central clients will now be able to announce to their members that 100 percent of their mobile feeds will work on the hottest new Apple devices,” President Andy Alvarez said. “End-users expect to be able to watch what they want wherever they are on whatever device is handy. If a website can’t give them that convenience, they’ll go somewhere else.”

According to Alvarez, clients report that adding his company’s content feeds increased retention and conversion numbers for some sites by as much as 50 percent. He attributes the surge to a number of factors, including daily high-definition updates and high-quality material.

“Making content work, and work well, on the newest platforms as quickly as possible has been shown to increase retention and conversions across all niches,” he continued. “When your members know you’re taking care of them, they will take care of you by remaining members.

“While other companies focus on marketing, Webmaster Central focuses on our clients’ needs by acquiring the best HD content supported by the best technology,” Alvarez added. “Our load times, prices, platform and content simply are unrivaled in the industry. We feel it's time for websites to take a hard look at the bonus content they’re offering their members, because chances are they’re paying too much for the privilege of providing sub-par material.”

The executive promised clients that his company will beat any price they’re paying now for content, and make them more money. “As long as we deliver on those promises, the future looks brighter than ever.”

Webmaster Central said its technology gives clients control over almost every aspect of end-user satisfaction and, consequently, profitability. The company's feeds are customizable and its XML platform is integrated with popular back-ends like ElevatedX and Mech Bunny. In addition, detection and delivery of the appropriate format for each device is automatic.

“With both device usage and device variety on the rise, leased content makes more sense than ever,” Alvarez said. “It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and expense to optimize and display video content for all the different devices in use by today’s porn fans. With Webmaster Central’s leased content, this is all done for you automatically, which means you get to focus on driving traffic and making money.”

For a free two-week trial of Webmaster Central’s XML gateway or a customized white-label site contact sales@webmastercentral.com.