MyPornProfile Launches Video Feature for iPhone, Android Apps

CHICAGO — on Friday announced the addition of a new feature to its iPhone and Android apps. Now, users can post videos directly to Twitter.

With recent approval from Twitter, users of can post their content using the app and it will appear directly on Twitter for viewing. Members can post NSFW videos without worrying that their videos will be deleted.

Additionally, has also recently updated its iPhone app to include push-to-record video. This allows users to record and post start/stop videos using a phone’s front or rear camera. Work is now under way to produce the same push-to-record functionality for their Android app.

“Many phones have hi-def video capabilities, so it’s much easier to record quality videos at home or on the go,” said site owner/operator Sam Saturn. “With this app, models and producers now have the ability to record short videos for marketing while they’re filming a movie, during a photo shoot, at a tradeshow or pretty much anywhere — the possibilities are endless.”

The company said approved models and producers that use can not only post free videos to Twitter, but they can also sell videos recorded and uploaded via the app. is designed for amateurs, cam girls and porn stars to post photos to link to their social media sites without worrying about getting their accounts deleted.