ModelCentro Launches iOS App for iPad, iPhone

ModelCentro Launches iOS App for iPad, iPhone

LOS ANGELES — ModelCentro has announced the launch of a new mobile app for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, now available via Apple’s App Store.

ModelCentro is a solo-site CMS enabling models to run their own membership site, and now according to the company, its new app has made it even easier for models to manage their business on the go. App functions include the ability to message subscribers and receive their comments, while providing instant push notifications.

“The purpose of the app is to provide the model with a way to complete day to day tasks directly on their mobile phone in order to ensure an effective interactive experience for their subscribers and fans without being confined to their computer,” explains ModelCentro’s Head Sales and Marketing Manager Natalie Pannon. “Models will also be able to monitor and review their revenue right inside the app.”

Pannon says that the monetization of mobile content, currently images, is a feature already included in the app, so models can send locked pictures as upsells to their members. More functions are currently being developed, with new features set for future updates of this useful app.

“We know that the model’s lifestyle is always very fast paced. Now, they don’t need to compromise their revenue just because they don’t have their computer at hand,” says Pannon. “We even have an improved live help and feedback function so models can quickly get assistance. We’re always there to help.”