Webmaster Central: Paying Customers Prefer iPad Over iPhone

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has disclosed that, for its reportedly one million daily unique visitors, more view video content online via the iPad, surpassing iPhone usage rates for the first time.

Webmaster Central leases HD video content to a large number of adult entertainment firms, a fact that it says gives the company unique insight into the habits and preferences of porn fans who pay for adult content on the Internet.

“Our clients typically lease Webmaster Central content for websites that produce revenue directly from consumers, like subscription paysites, dating sites or live cam services,” said Andy Alvarez, CEO of Webmaster Central. “That means the people watching our content are typically the people who pay for online porn. This is the demographic that all adult companies should be targeting, and what we’re seeing with this group is tablet use still gaining ground.”

Although the iPad is now the most popular mobile device with viewers of Webmaster Central’s adult content, the company points out that Android users are still in the lead collectively.

“There are a lot of different Android devices out there, so when you put them all together they still have the lead in the mobile category,” explained Alvarez.  “That’s why it’s so important for companies to take advantage of responsive design, something we handle completely for our clients. You need to deliver content in a lot of different formats if you want to be competitive today and keep your customers from the competition.”

He added that Webmaster Central content is optimized for viewing on today’s leading platforms, including desktops, smartphones, tablets and smart TV boxes. Webmaster Central also offers HD content and custom mobile front ends

“When you lease content from us, we deliver a lot more than just the content itself," Alvarez said. "We supply the content in the niches and markets that you choose, sure, but we also optimize the content for all popular viewing platforms, and we host the content on our bandwidth and deliver it straight to your customers, all in a manner that fits seamlessly with your website’s look and feel.”