All Access Abella Danger

All Access Abella Danger


Airerose Entertainment, the 2015 XBIZ Best New Studio, may still be a relatively new resident in the XXX neighborhood, but they sure know how to put together a stellar showcase.

With “All Access Abella Danger,” they’ve done it again. On the heels of the terrific showcase featuring Carter Cruise earlier this year, Airerose and Abella Danger have delivered another no-holes-barred, star-making vehicle that’s easily on par with the last one and stands on its own quite nicely, thank you.

Abella Danger will go down as one of the breakout performers of 2015 and in this title she shows everyone exactly why. Full of personality and exuding a palpable sexual energy, Danger is the type of starlet with a set of skills that can’t be taught. It’s in her DNA.

There’s no rivalry between Danger and Cruise either. In fact, Danger said she’s learned from Cruise, the reigning Best New Starlet.

Indeed, Cruise gave her some backdoor advice early on that has already propelled Danger into the conversation for who’s the current anal queen, which is pretty good considering Danger’s still building her profile.

“I love anal so much mostly because of Carter,” she says during her interview with director Derek Dozer.

Danger leaves no doubt about that in these scenes, the first of which pit her against Spanish studs Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar, who d.p. her six ways to Sunday and even throw in some double vag in a sensational boff. Some guys may need a shower just after seeing her twerk in the gold genie outfit she’s wearing before the sex.

The second scene sees the young star going straight into the Danger Zone by taking on Lexington Steele. She tells viewers she’s heard “amazing things” about Steele and that “honestly, I wanted to know if I could take his huge dick.”

Starting out in her “Danger Ass” booty shorts, Abella answers the challenge with the poise of a seasoned pro. She gives as good as she gets with The Hung One, and the results must be seen to be believed.

Danger joins one of her porn idols in the next scene with none other than Phoenix Marie. Both begin dressed as ballerinas, as Phoenix takes a dominant role demanding that Danger practice her twirls for an upcoming recital.

That sets the tone for a major-league anal throwdown that involves both girls sticking large toys deep into each others assholes.

Next up is a killer tease in a pool that captures Danger in a sparkly red bikini. Enter Manuel Ferrara for some hot oil and anal so intense that it could’ve been the only scene in the movie and we’d have been satisfied.

Airerose truly gives an “All Access” experience with the excellent extras on Disc Two, the most compelling of which are the Selfie Videos that Danger filmed all on her own.

Fans will fall for Danger all over again in these videos that include Abella hanging out, dancing in her underwear, doing bong rips and riding roller coasters at Six Flags, among other things.

Throw in the handwritten note from Abella and the three collectible mini-posters and Airerose and Danger have assembled a showcase that is as good as they get in porn today.


Airerose Entertainment presents the true fan's showcase: 4 sensual, intense scenes and an intimate look at the life of the one and only #DangerAss, Abella Danger.


Dan Miller