Max 4 Men Oral Sex Gel

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Max 4 Men Oral Sex Gel

Max 4 Men Oral Sex Gel gives us Salted Caramel flavored lube to tempt our sweet tooth. Instructions on the box are quite clear: "Apply to the Penis or Erogenous Zones for Enhanced Sensation.” The gel itself is housed in a standard pump action bottle. Viscous in nature, four or five pumps will get you a decent dollop in your palm or desired area. The lube comes out as a pale brown color that leaves a marvelous sheen in its wake. The thickness of the gel does create a good lubrication effect.

Manufacturer Description:

Maximum satisfaction for men. Made with lubricious ingredients to produce smooth satysfying action. Makes giving and receiving oral sex an experience you will enjoy. Gel delivers smooth lubrication for increased penile activity. Slightly calms gag reflex for deeper penetration. Flavored for maximum pleasure.

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