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Too Much Media Moves Forward in Defamation Case

Too Much Media's defamation suit against blogger Shellee Hale moved forward after the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that those posting on message boards don't have the same protections for sources as mainstream journalists.

Too Much Media Releases NATS Version 4.1

Software developer Too Much Media has released the newest version of its NATS 4.1 affiliate tracking software.

Too Much Media Adds Kourosh to Marketing Team

Adult webmaster software provider Too Much Media has added adult industry veteran Kourosh G. to its sales and marketing team.

Too Much Media to Present NATS 4.1 Webinar Tomorrow

Too Much Media will present a free webinar tomorrow to familiarize webmasters with NATS 4.1 prior to its full-scale launch

N.J. Supreme Court to Hear Too Much Media, Blogger Case on Webcast

The New Jersey State Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on Too Much Media’s long-running lawsuit against blogger Shelle Hale during a webcast Tuesday at 10 a.m. EST.

Too Much Media Inviting 5 Affiliates to Help Finalize New Interface

Software developer Too Much Media announced that it will bring five affiliates to its New Jersey headquarters all expenses paid on Oct. 13-15 to test its new affiliate interface.

N.J. High Court to Review If Bloggers Can Invoke Shield Law

The state Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether blogger Shellee Hale, who was sued by Too Much Media for defamation over her online postings, can raise New Jersey’s statutory protection of news reporters’ sources and editorial processes.

Shellee Hale Wants Her Too Much Media Case to Go to N.J. Supreme Court

Blogger Shellee Hale, the defendant in the Too Much Media defamation lawsuit, wants the N.J. Supreme Court to hear her case.

N.J. Court: No Shield Law Protection for Blogger Shellee Hale

An appellate division judge has affirmed an earlier court ruling that the state’s shield law doesn’t apply to defendant Shellee Hale in her case with Too Much Media.

Too Much Media Announces iPad Giveaway

Too Much Media will be giving away a free16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad for every new NATS purchase for the entire month of April.

Too Much Media Releases TubeStudio

Adult webmaster software provider Too Much Media (TMM) has announced the official release of its TubeStudio tube site backend. Integrates Service With NATS, a money-transferring service, is now fully integrated with the NATS affiliate tracking system.

Blogger Shellee Hale Wants Court to Reconsider Too Much Media Decision

The Too Much Media defamation defendant claims a New Jersey judge overstepped his authority when he ruled against her.

Too Much Media Drops NATS Setup Fee

Adult software company Too Much Media has announced a special month-long promotion on its XBIZ award-winning affiliate tracking software, NATS.

Too Much Media's ASACP Offer Ends July 31

"We are so grateful for Too Much Media’s support as a Title Sponsor and by their efforts to raise funds and awareness for ASACP via special offers," ASACP CEO Joan Irvine said.

TMM Defendant Targeted Online Adult Biz, Records Show

The defendant in the Too Much Media suit was so incensed by the pervasiveness of online adult material that she took it upon herself to begin an antiporn campaign.

Too Much Media Wins 1st Round Over Oprano Posts

Too Much Media has won the first round in a suit against a Washington state woman who was accused of making false statements against the company on message boards.

Zombaio Integrates With NATS 4

Internet Payment Services Provider (IPSP) Zombaio Payment Services has announced that it is now integrated into the third-party affiliate backend system, NATS 4, from TooMuchMedia LLC.

Too Much Media Offers Tube Studio

Too Much Media (TMM), creators of the popular NATS affiliate program backend as well as other software targeting the adult market, today revealed a sneak peek at its latest offering: a premium tube site script.

Too Much Media Aids ASACP Sponsors and Members

Too Much Media (TMM) and the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) are teaming up again in the fight against child pornography and in order to protect children from age-inappropriate material.