Too Much Media Releases NATS Version 4.1

MORGANVILLE, N.J. — Software developer Too Much Media has released the newest version of its NATS 4.1 affiliate tracking software.

The product offers a completely redesigned affiliate interface as well as a variety of new features including statistics reports, additional settings, improved campaign features, options for customization and added support features.

NATS 4.1 also features an overhauled campaign system that breaks affiliate campaigns down into sets of individual traffic tags, allowing affiliates increased flexibility in tracking their traffic sources.

Affiliates can also take advantage of the newly added Sticky Settings, which remember display and search preferences for future log in.

NATS 4.1 also offers support for a wide variety of new promotional ad tools like fan signs, page peels, hosted videos and geo-targeted banners.

Program owners and administrators can also take advantage of new features like the CSS Theme Builder that allows for customization of affiliate skins and member join forms.

The company maintained that the release of its flagship product has been created specifically for affiliates to make the experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

CEO John Albright said, “Detailed data and endless options to improve your revenue are fantastic tools, but only if you are able to understand and use them. With NATS 4.1, TMM is raising the bar to new heights. It's a fast, clean, easy to use interface that allows you direct access to what you want, how you want it.”

Too Much Media said its developers listened closely to feedback from both program owners and affiliates in order to create an affiliate management solution that fits their needs.

The software has also gone through extensive beta testing by both clients and affiliates to ensure a smooth transition to the new version.

To view a demo of the product click here.   

To learn more about NATS or speak with a sales representative visit Too Much Media.