Too Much Media Offers Tube Studio

LOS ANGELES — Too Much Media (TMM), creators of the popular NATS affiliate program backend as well as other software targeting the adult market, today revealed a sneak peek at its latest offering: a premium tube site script.

In a post on industry forum GFY, TMM's John Albright announced the company's soon-to-be released tube software, known as Tube Studio; and shared some of the details of its licensing and pricing structure, which includes a one time fee per server it is installed on as well as monthly licensing fees of $15 per site/domain.

"Tube Studio is licensed on a per-domain/site basis and there are two parts to it," Albright said. "First, you need the Tube Studio engine/backend for your server. This is a one time fee per server you install the software on. There is then a per site license for each site/domain you wish to run a tube on. Each server/engine can support as many of these site site licenses as your server will allow."

According to Albright, Tube Studio is currently in beta and will be released shortly, with more details on its feature set forthcoming.

"This is a fully featured tube software including lots of user interactivity, video features, etc. and is supported by Too Much Media, the industry's leading software developer," Albright concluded.