Too Much Media Releases TubeStudio

LOS ANGELES — Adult webmaster software provider Too Much Media (TMM) has announced the official release of its TubeStudio tube site backend.

"TubeStudio has been designed so that anyone can publish content and build a massive tube site with almost no effort," TMM Owner John Albright said. "With our powerful, flexible, and secure script you can easily create a highly profitable tube site in no time."

According to the company, TubeStudio consists of two elements. The first, the engine, is the software itself, which is installed on a client's server and powers TubeStudio. The second is a site license, which is required for each domain that will host a TubeStudio powered site. After the TubeStudio engine is installed, clients may run as many tube sites as they wish under that installation. Each tube site will simply require a site license for its domain name.

Normal pricing for TubeStudio is $100 for the engine and a $15 per month or a $300 one-time license fee for each site license. Clients are welcome to add more site licenses to their engine at any time and are not limited on the number they may add to an engine.

"Keep in mind, all sites running on the same engine have the ability share all of their videos," a spokesperson stated. "The engine fee, normally $100, is currently free in order to allow you to experience TubeStudio for yourself!"

"We are offering a free trial license for everyone to see the power and capabilities of TubeStudio," the spokesperson added. "With this trial license you will be able to install TubeStudio on your server, configure it, template your site, and fully test the software in your environment. The trial license does not have a time limit. You are only limited to 25 videos and one site."

Installing TubeStudio and using the trial license does not require a commitment to purchase or carry ongoing costs. Clients that choose to upgrade to a full license may do so for $15/month or a $300 one time fee for each site.

A live example is available at

"Please keep in mind, its all just templates," the spokesperson concluded. "As with all of our products, it can look however you'd like it to."