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Thai Police Conduct New Sex Toy Raid

Thai police have arrested two people for running an underground sex toy business, seizing from their home over 18,000 pleasure products, which are illegal in Thailand.

Thai Authorities Charge Soap Opera Actress With Operating Porn Site

Thai police have reported seizing around $20 million in assets from a couple accused of running an adult website, among other online businesses.

Thai Police Arrest Chinese Production Unit for 'Obscenity'

Thai police arrested four people on Friday in Na Jomtien, a beach town in the Sattahip district in eastern Thailand, charging them with illegally shooting adult content in contravention of Thai obscenity laws.

Flirt4Free Reveals 2022 'Flirt Summit' Location: Phuket, Thailand

Flirt4Free's 2022 Flirt Summit event, which rewards the company's top models with vacation retreats, will take place in Phuket, Thailand.

Thailand: Activist Group Formally Proposes Repeal of Anti-Porn Law

A group led by a local OnlyFans creator and a pro-democracy activist formally submitted yesterday a petition to amend Thai law and legalize the production and distribution of adult content in Thailand.

Thai Police Unleash Campaign to Arrest OnlyFans Creators

Thai police arrested several content creators yesterday and published a photo of them being booked as part of a campaign against “people who make obscene videos and photos in exchange for membership fees on websites like OnlyFans.”

Thailand: Obscenity Laws Make Local OnlyFans Creators Vulnerable

As more Thais have opened OnlyFans accounts to support themselves during the pandemic, legal experts in the Southeast Asian kingdom are warning about the uncertain status of the content produced given their notoriously harsh obscenity laws.

Thai Minister Uses Anti-Porn Crusaders' Arguments to Justify Ban

Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society (DES) Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta offered further explanations behind the ruling party’s ban of 190 adult content websites, including Pornhub, in language identical to that of well-funded, religiously inspired anti-porn crusading U.S. groups like Exodus Cry and NCOSE.

Thai Government: Online Porn Ban Involves 190 Sites

The Thai government’s crackdown on online adult content, noticed yesterday by users trying to access Pornhub from the Southeast Asian nation, has been confirmed by the authorities, who also said the new ban — effected as the country is reeling from street protests and calls for the military party to step down — involves 190 websites.

Thai Rulers Crack Down on Online Porn

Beleaguered by street protests and calls for their resignation, the current ruling party in Thailand — spawned from the military junta which ruled the country after a 2014 coup — has reportedly announced it is cracking down on adult content and banning access to Pornhub, one of the nation’s most visited sites.

Thailand Arrest Spotlights Serious Issues With Shooting Self-Produced Content Abroad

The recent arrest and public shaming of an American man and his Hungarian partner in Thailand for "overstaying in the country, publishing pornography and working without a permit" sheds a spotlight on a little-talked-about issue among self-producers: the dangers of shooting pornography while traveling as a tourist.

1st Singaporean Appears on Cover of Thailand Playboy

DJ Tenashar has become the first Singaporean to be featured on the cover of the Thailand edition of Playboy magazine.

Home Made Media Releases ‘Trannys in Thailand’

Home Made Media has released “Trannys in Thailand.”

Sasha Gabor Dies in Thailand

Veteran adult performer Sasha Gabor, who started in the adult industry in 1984, was found dead in while on vacation in Thailand on June 27.

John T. Bone Arrested in Thailand

British pornographer John T. Bone, whose real name is John Gilbert Bowen, was arrested in Thailand, in connection with the filming of a gangbang.

U.S. Citizen Arrested in Thailand for Producing Porn

Thai authorities arrested U.S. resident Todd Arthur Williams on Sunday, charging the 47-year-old had rented a hotel room to produce adult movies. Thai criminal law prohibits pornographic operations.

Japanese Adult Producers Caught in Thailand

Investigators and police in the resort area of Banglamung arrested the cast and crew of a Japanese adult movie production on Sept. 6, who were filming in abandoned shacks on the beach, next to Tang-Kae Restaurant in Naklua, Chonburi.

Smash Pictures Goes to Thailand

Smash Pictures has returned from a successful trip to Thailand where the company shot a new line, “Thai That Black Cock,” using all local female talent with black American male performers.

John T. Bone Arrested in Thailand

Local police arrested British pornographer John Gilbert Bowen, aka John T. Bone, along with two associates, today in Thailand. According to the Pattaya Daily News, the trio will be charged with various offenses in relation to the production and sale of pornography and could face deportation.

Thailand Creates Panel to Censor Online Adult Sites

Thailand, the top-five producer of online adult websites, has set up a national committee to regulate Internet content to ensure a “safe and creative media.”