1st Singaporean Appears on Cover of Thailand Playboy

THAILAND —  DJ Tenashar has become the first Singaporean to be featured on the cover of the Thailand edition of Playboy magazine.

Hong Kong-based Tenashar’s appearance on the cover and in a layout is causing a stir considering the Thailand edition of the men's magazine has long been banned in Singapore because of its nude pictorials.

The celebrity was also listed in the DJ Mag Top 100 for October.

"First Singaporean on the cover of Playboy. Yay,” Tenashar told the Maylasian Chronicle.

The DJ (whose real name is Debbie Valerie Long), reportedly requested that she grace Playboy’s cover to help boost her career. "I pushed for it because I felt that it would be good for the magazine if my cover coincided with the release of the DJ Mag list. I felt it was a win-win situation for both of us because that would help sell a lot of magazines."

It’s not clear whether Tenashar is nude in the magazine, but shots of her on the cover and on the magazine’s website show her in a ripped, wet T-shirt and also in lingerie.

According to Playboy Thailand chief editor Valent Soisuvarn, Tenashar was the first international model to be featured on the magazine's cover.

"I had approached her as we saw her to be an up-and-coming personality in the region, and wanted to feature her as her status was growing," he said.