Sasha Gabor Dies in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Veteran adult performer Sasha Gabor, who started in the adult industry in 1984, was found dead in his hotel room while on vacation in Thailand on June 27.

The story, which was confirmed by Gabor's family, was reported by Norwegian newspaper VG.

“He died of heart problems," said Robert Kristensen, reported to be a friend of Gabor's. "A doctor came to the hotel and declared him dead. In recent years he has struggled with the heart. Among other things, he has several times fainted while I have been in place.”

Veteran performer Ron Jeremy met Gabor in the early '80s.

"We met doing mainstream stuff, on the set of a Jerry Lewis movie called 'Smorgasbord,'" Jeremy told XBIZ. "We were hanging out together and he told me he was thinking of getting into the porn business. I told him who to call. The Burt Reynolds look-alike was a cute gimmick and he started getting work. He drove a car he called 'Bandit.'

"When I was directing for Leisure Time, I put Sasha in all the movies. When we would get busted in L.A., we would shoot in a houseboat on Lake Mead. We must have done 20-30 movies on houseboats with Samantha Strong and Tracey Adams. We'd go out there for two or three days and shoot a movie a day."

Adult industry veteran Bill Margold also knew Gabor.

"He was always so happy and full of life," Margold told XBIZ. "He was an amusing man. He would send emails from around the world telling of how many beautiful women he was with. He was a good luck charm and an institution in the industry. He was always popping up in scenes."

Gabor came to Norway as a refugee from Hungary in 1957. He grew up in Lillesstrom before moving to the U.S. He was married three times and had five children.

Gabor made his first adult film movie in the U.S. at age 38, and in his lifetime he worked as a circus musician, soldier, commercial pilot, writer and as a Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery look-alike. He moved back to Norway in 2001 after his last adult performance.

He was 63.