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Strike 3 Ramps Up Copyright Infringement Lawsuits Strategy

Strike 3 Holdings, the copyright holder for the Vixen Media Group brands, filed more than 430 new infringement lawsuits in federal court against unidentified downloaders during the month of October.

Strike 3, Accused Copyright Infringer Reach Agreement Before Florida Trial

Strike 3 Holdings and a Florida man accused of illegally downloading and sharing 36 of the company’s copyrighted adult titles reached a confidential settlement on Sunday, only days before the case was scheduled to go to trial.

Colorado Court Deems Strike 3 'Not a Copyright Troll'

A Colorado federal court last week ruled that a copyright infringement lawsuit by Strike 3 Holdings can move forward, with the judge issuing an opinion that the copyright holder for the Vixen Media Group brands should not be considered a “copyright troll.”

Florida Judge Allows Defendant to Refer to Strike 3 as 'Copyright Troll'

A Florida judge ruled against Strike 3 Holdings last month, allowing lawyers for a defendant accused of illegally downloading and sharing 36 of the company’s copyrighted adult titles to refer to the company in court as a “copyright troll.” f the company’s copyrighted adult titles to refer to the company in court as a “copyright troll.” 

Judges Question Need for Privacy in Porn Copyright Infringement Cases

Judges in two recent cases involving Strike 3 Holdings have questioned the need for defendants accused of infringing on the copyright of adult titles to be identified by a pseudonym and not by their legal names.

Strike 3 Holdings' Successful Copyright Legal Strategy Profiled by Law360

Strike 3 Holdings, the copyright holder for the Vixen Media Group brands, was featured last week by leading legal analysis news site Law360 in a profile highlighting the success of the company's IP strategy.

Strike 3 Wins Another Legal Victory to Unmask Alleged Content Pirates

The U.S. District Court for New Jersey ruled earlier this month that Strike 3 Holdings —  the copyright holder for the Vixen Media Group brands — may be granted discovery to establish the identity of a person behind an IP address that the company alleges has been pirating its content and distributing it via torrents.

Report: Strike 3, Malibu Media Account for Bulk of Recent Copyright Litigation

A top legal analytics firm released a report yesterday confirming that two adult companies — Strike 3 Media and Malibu Holdings — are responsible for the bulk of all copyright litigation in federal courts between 2018 and 2020.

Strike 3: California Judge OKs Subpoena to Identify IP Address of Subscriber

A Southern California U.S. district court judge last week granted Strike 3 Holdings permission to subpoena internet service provider Spectrum in order to obtain the name and address of the subscriber behind a specific IP address that the company — which owns the copyrights of content produced by the Vixen Media Group brands — alleges has been “downloading and distributing their films.”

Strike 3 Holdings: Defendant Allowed Copyright Countersuit

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted summary judgment to a man who had been accused of downloading via BitTorrent copyrighted adult videos by Strike 3 Holdings, confirming his standing in his request for a declaration that he was not a copyright infringer and awarding him $47,776.63 in attorney fees and costs.

Strike 3 Wins $108K Judgment Against Alleged Downloader

A New York court granted a default judgment for over $108,000 in favor of Strike 3 Media against a local man accused of illegally downloading videos from their Vixen Media Group studios. 

NY Judge Allows Strike 3 to Serve ISP With Copyright Supboena

A New York judge authorized Strike 3 Holdings last week to serve an internet service provider with a subpoena in order to identify the individual associated with a specific assigned IP address that Strike 3 claims has been “downloading, copying and distributing” their copyrighted content using BitTorrent technology.

New Jersey Judge Establishes Parameters for Strike 3 Subpoenas

A New Jersey judge who was tasked by an appeals court to allow Strike 3 Holdings to issue subpoenas against suspected content pirates has issued an order establishing parameters to safeguard the privacy of the defendants.

Strike 3 Case: Appeals Court Rebukes D.C. Judge for Anti-Porn Bias

A three-judge panel at the D.C. Circuit court ruled yesterday in favor of Strike 3 Holdings’ appeal, allowing them to be granted subpoenas in copyright cases they were filing. This reversed a lower-court ruling where a judge had taken the unusual step of lambasting the adult entertainment company for the nature of its content.

Appeals Judge Grants Strike 3 Supboenas to ID Alleged Copyright Violators

A New Jersey federal judge on Tuesday overruled a circuit court ruling preventing Strike 3 Holdings from identifying alleged illegal downloaders of their adult content.

Another Judge Criticizes Strike 3 Holdings' Mass Copyright Litigation

A federal judge in New Jersey became yesterday the latest magistrate to rule against Strike 3 Holdings and also to use the occasion to criticize the adult company’s strategy of filing a massive number of copyright lawsuits against anonymous downloaders.

Florida Judge: IP Address Not Enough for Porn Copyright Cases

A Miami federal judge ruled last week that IP addresses alone cannot be considered as concrete evidence that a particular individual infringed on a plaintiff’s copyright, as attorneys representing Strike 3 Holdings claimed.

Lansky's Strike 3 Holdings Acquires Stake in Kayden Kross' TrenchcoatX

Strike 3 Holdings, which is led by producer/director Greg Lansky, announced today the acquisition of a majority stake in Kayden Kross’ specialty boutique studio and content site,, and all of its affiliated websites.

Suits Filed by Lansky's Strike 3 Holdings Soar Past Century Mark

One of the adult entertainment industry’s most popular directors is continuing to strike back at online thieves in his own grand style.

Greg Lansky's Strike 3 Holdings Sues 7 BitTorrent Pirates

Blacked/Vixen/Tushy parent company Strike 3 Holdings LLC has filed seven federal lawsuits against individuals who stole content via file distribution network BitTorrent from Greg Lansky's paysites.