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We-Vibe Maker Settles Class-Action Suit to Resolve Privacy Claims

In one of the largest settlements involving a sex toy manufacturer, Standard Innovation Inc. this week agreed to pay about $3.75 million to resolve privacy claims involving its We-Vibe Classic and Rave by We-Vibe products.

Standard Innovation Addresses Customer Privacy, Security

Standard Innovation has released the following official statement in response to media coverage surrounding the company’s collection of device usage data, such as temperature and vibration intensity data, plus the ability for someone to control/hack the device remotely:

Motherboard Reports on Stalker-Proof Cam Model Privacy

Webcam models are raking in the riches, live streaming performances for an enthusiastic fan base eager to pay for such a uniquely interactive experience, but that direct connection can expose models to cyber stalkers.

FSC Makes Statement on Adult Performer, Worker Personal Privacy

Free Speech Coalition, the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry, has issued a statement relative to the “outings" of adult performers and other adult industry workers.

Ofcom Denies Privacy Claim Over Blowjob Shown on TV

U.K. communications regulator Ofcom has denied a claim made by a woman who said she was a victim of an “unwarranted infringement of privacy” after a TV station broadcasted a video of her giving a man a blowjob in an elevator while she was drunk.

Sexual Privacy, Right to Earn Living at Heart of ESPLER's Suit

ESPLER’s lawsuit that seeks to overturn California’s 54-year-old prostitution statute contends that the law breaks both the federal and state constitutions.

‘Revenge Porn’ Site Operator Asks Google for Privacy Help

Craig Brittain, who ran the “revenge porn” website, has filed multiple takedown notices to Google under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Judge Won't Dismiss Privacy Suit Against Facebook

A federal judge yesterday refused to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that claims Facebook illegally scans privates messages for targeted advertising purposes.


Piercing the Veil of Privacy

The adult entertainment industry has always valued its privacy, with the majority of owners, operators, talent and more, all choosing to obscure their identity and location through the use of false identities — a trend that carries on today, with porn performers, producers and studios seeking secrecy, while adult message board and social media posters continue to use “fake nicks” as their primary online identifiers.

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PrivacyScan Protects Privacy on Mac OS X Yosemite

SecureMac has announced the latest update to its PrivacyScan app, which now adds full privacy features and support for Apple’s new Yosemite operating system., Violet Blue Focus on Adult Service Provider Privacy announced today that the escort directory is running a series of articles on its blog site by tech writer Violet Blue, offering tips on how to keep identities private.

Stoya Pens N.Y. Times Column on Internet Privacy

Opining over the recently outed Duke University student porn performer Belle Knox, adult star Stoya has penned a column on the issue of Internet privacy for the New York Times.


Online Privacy Problems Persist

If you are an average consumer, watch the news, or are involved in the tech field, you no doubt are aware of the growing concerns about today’s technology increasingly encroaching on personal privacy

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Evolving Privacy Laws May Change Affiliate Landscape

Whether it is the American need for a 2257 statement or the German need for age verification, or the outright ban on Internet pornography imposed by any number of countries; evolving legislation is redefining the “Wild West” nature of the old web, bringing corporate responsibilities to this historically rebellious venue, which crosses all borders and cultures.

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Adult Retailers Are on the Frontline of Fighting for Free Expression and Privacy!

Adult retailers confront a number of challenges in their ability to provide products to their customers. Many local municipalities have zoning laws that make it difficult for adult businesses to find a location to set up shop. Once their stores are open, adult retailers have to contend with restrictions on the ratio of adult products sold, the type of products sold and much more. Believe it or not, it is still illegal to sell products designed to “stimulate genitalia” in some Southern states. And it is not just various governments that threaten adult retailers, some adult businesses get dropped by their bank or insurance company when the institution finds out that the retailer sells adult products.

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FSC Applauds Court’s Decision on Performer Privacy

The Free Speech Coalition today applauded this week’s court decision blocking Cal/OSHA’s subpoena for information in the 2009 case of Patient Zero.


Privacy in the Cloud

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), responsible for developing standards and guidelines including minimum requirements for providing adequate information security for agency operations and governmental assets, interest in cloud computing has rapidly grown due to the advantages of greater flexibility and availability of computing resources at lower cost.

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Study: More Americans Concerned About Online Privacy

The Opera web browser released a study that shows more Americans worry about their online privacy being violated (25 percent) than going bankrupt (23 percent) or losing their job (22 percent).