FSC Applauds Court’s Decision on Performer Privacy

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition today applauded this week’s court decision blocking Cal/OSHA’s subpoena for information in the 2009 case of Patient Zero.

“This ruling is a bit of a bittersweet victory since AHF has brought about the demise of AIM,” said Karen Tynan, an attorney who specializes in OSHA litigation and has represented several adult companies.

“However, this shows that AIM was properly and legally protecting patient privacy at all times,” she added.

The court’s action is the latest development in proceedings by Cal/OSHA to regulate workplace safety on adult production sets, spurred on by complaints filed by AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The adult industry trade group, along with Tynan, industry stakeholders and compliance experts have been working with Cal/OSHA to arrive at industry appropriate regulations for workplace safety, an issue that has been the focus of an AIDS Healthcare campaign.

“AHF has filed lawsuits and legal complaints against adult production studios, talent agents and L.A. County Health, in its attempt to force its condom-only agenda on the industry,” FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said.

Recognizing the gap left by the closure of the AIM clinic, FSC is currently developing Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS), in order to ensure that STI testing protocols for the industry continue, and to protect the safety of performers.

Tynan will serve as legal advisor for the APHSS Advisory Committee, when the APHSS program is launched.

“New procedures and plans for industry medical testing and protection of performer privacy will be consistent with the legal analysis and conclusions offered by Judge Smith,” Tynan said.