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X's Porn-Recognition AI Survives Illinois' Biometric Privacy Law Challenge

A lawsuit filed under Illinois’ unusual state law regulating biometric data collection has taken aim at an AI program used by X since 2015 to identify nudity and NSFW images.

Nebraska AV Bill Moves Forward Despite Privacy, Free Speech Concerns

Nebraska’s unicameral Legislature has given first-round approval to LB 1092, the state’s version of the age verification bills being sponsored around the country by anti-porn religious conservative activists.

Aylo Responds to Canada's Privacy Commissioner Report on User-Generated Content Protocols

Aylo has released a statement responding to a report released by Canada’s privacy commissioner, regarding a complaint about user-generated content.

Australia Nixes Age Verification Mandate for Adult Sites Over Privacy Concerns

The Australian government announced Wednesday that it will not require adult websites to implement age verification.

Google Unveils New Policy Allowing Removal of Explicit Images from Search

Google on Thursday unveiled new privacy tools, including updated policies allowing individuals to remove “personal, explicit images” from Google Search results.

Leading Digital Rights, Privacy Orgs Urge Immediate Action Against 'Bad Internet Bills'

Tomorrow is the last day to participate in the “Tell Congress, Say No to #BadInternetBills” campaign, coordinated by leading digital rights and privacy organizations.

Maryland Legalizes Oral, Anal Sex

The state of Maryland has repealed the Unnatural or Perverted Sexual Practice Act, which criminalized any sexual act outside of vaginal penetration.

Apple Warns UK Government of Serious Privacy Risks if 'Online Safety Bill' Passes

Apple has issued a statement warning against serious privacy risks that it says would result from the passage of the Online Safety Bill currently being fast-tracked by the Conservative government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Daily Beast Publishes Op-Ed by Cybersecurity Expert Questioning Age Verification Laws

The Daily Beast yesterday published an opinion piece by a cybersecurity expert about how the current state-by-state campaign being waged to mandate age verification requirements for social media threatens online privacy and free speech.


Protecting Your Privacy as a Cam Model

As with any internet-related activity, camming comes with its own drawbacks — such as privacy concerns. Whether you want to keep potential stalkers at bay, or maybe just keep your job a secret from certain family members and friends, protecting your privacy is important.

Eva ·

Apple to Expand Automated Surveillance of iPhone Message Images

Apple’s iOS 16 update for iPhones, expected this fall, will expand worldwide a controversial “communications security" tool that will use proprietary AI to detect nudity in text messages.

Judges Question Need for Privacy in Porn Copyright Infringement Cases

Judges in two recent cases involving Strike 3 Holdings have questioned the need for defendants accused of infringing on the copyright of adult titles to be identified by a pseudonym and not by their legal names.

Digital Rights Groups Lambast European Commission's Online Surveillance Proposal

Digital rights and privacy advocates are raising the alarm about an EU legislative proposal unveiled yesterday by the European Commission, allegedly to address “misuse of online services” and “prevent and combat child sexual abuse online.”

Europe's Digital Services Act Moves Forward, Drops Controversial Adult Content Mandate

The European Parliament reached a deal last week with EU member states on the controversial Digital Services Act — a European legislative package addressing “illegal and harmful” online content — by dropping mandatory phone registration for adult content creators on porn platforms.

Digital Rights Experts Warn Against Democrats' Sprawling 'America COMPETES' Bill

Digital rights experts and advocates are sounding the alarm about new provisions for government intervention in online commerce outlined in the lengthy "America COMPETES" bill, which they say may result in restrictions for potentially controversial content, including porn.

OnlyFans Sued Under Controversial Illinois 'Biometric Privacy' Law

The U.S. parent company of OnlyFans, Fenix Internet LLC, has been sued in Illinois over its use of facial recognition technology for identity verification, under a controversial “biometrics privacy” state law that has been used to file class action suits against a growing number of companies.


Security and Privacy Checklist for Joining New Indie Platforms

From my years as a developer and multi-founder in the adult industry, I want to share with creators the elements and risks I assess when checking out new platforms.

Gino Sciretta ·

Privacy, Security and Release Rights When Working With Photographers

When you're a sex worker active on several social media platforms, diversified content is important and necessary. One way of fulfilling that need is working with photographers.

ImMeganLive ·

European Parliament Passes Controversial 'Chat Control' Snooping Powers

Under serious criticism from privacy advocates, and during an inconspicuous late-night session, the European Parliament approved last week a controversial set of “chat control” measures making it legal for internet companies to scan all private messages by users if they claim they are looking for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

BranditScan to Lead 'Privacy & Piracy' Workshop Tuesday for XBIZ Miami

BranditScan will lead an XBIZ Miami panel Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. (PDT) titled "BranditScan Presents: Dealing With Piracy and Privacy in the Modern Age."