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Orgasmatronics Unveils Master Beta Kit

Orgasmatronics has introduced the Master Beta Kit, an Arduino-based educational project that provides you with everything needed to “hack” a sex toy.

ASLAN Leather, Orgasmatronics Team Up to Release Handsolo Harness

ASLAN and Orgasmatronics have teamed up to release the Handsolo, a custom harness that allows users to enjoy the X1 Orgasmatron’s hands­free vibe.

Orgasmatronics to Exclusively Distribute Sensual Sundaes Vegan Body Care Line

Although Orgasmatronics has made a name for itself with high-powered hardware, the company is unveiling its soft side with exclusive distribution of Sensual Sundaes vegan and natural body butters and scrubs.

Orgasmatronics Releases ‘Open Source, Bionic’ Strap-On

Orgasmatronics has released the Ambrosia Vibe as an open-source sex toy that can be used to control other toys.

Passionate Playground Partners With Lexi Love, Orgasmatronics

Passionate Playground, creators of the Joyboxx and Playtray sex toy storage system campaign on IndieGogo, are now offering dinner dates with film star, voice actress, and artist, Lexi Love.

Orgasmatronics Develops ‘Bionic Strap-on’

Orgasmatronics Inc. has announced a crowdfunding campaign for the manufacturing of the Ambrosia Vibe — a strap-on dildo that acts as an active organ rather than a static piece of silicone.