Passionate Playground Partners With Lexi Love, Orgasmatronics

Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE ­– Passionate Playground, creators of the Joyboxx and Playtray sex toy storage system campaign on IndieGogo, are now offering dinner dates with film star, voice actress, and artist, Lexi Love.

As part of “Lunch with Lexi,” Love will go on three separate lunch dates with contributors for $2,500.

 Love will show each of the winning donors the ins and outs of San Francisco and then dine with them at her favorite restaurant. The price includes a two-night hotel stay, an autographed game Exotic Interludes, 8 x 10 photograph of Love, and a Joyboxx with Playtray. For more information, visit the Joyboxx IndieGoGo Campaign.

“I absolutely adore this new product,” Love said. “Joyboxx is my intimate toy’s best friend! I consider myself an authority on the area of sexual wellness, and discuss the dangers of using toxic or improper sex toy storage devices in this campaign video.”

The company also partnered with Orgasmatronics. Based out of Colorado, Orgasmatronics Inc. is the maker of the world’s first bionic strap-on vibrator. It is known as the “Ambrosia Vibe.” During the Ambrosia campaign, the “Joy-brosia” perk was created on the Joyboxx campaign site. It offers 500-plus Ambrosia funders and fans an extra discounted $20 Joyboxx storage system. According the company, many Ambrosia owners have taken advantage of this special offer. The “Joy-Brosia” offer is still available through the end of Aug. 22, when the Joyboxx and Playtray System IndieGogo campaign ends.

“We are excited to partner with another innovative start-up that cares about their customer’s sexual health as much as we do. Partnerships with pleasure product manufacturers is a business strategy for the Joyboxx & Playtray system,” said Deborah Semer, Joyboxx inventor and CEO of Passionate Playground. 

“I recommend Joyboxx for anyone with silicone dildos like the Ambrosia Vibe,” said Alexandra Ars, Orgasmatronic  co-founder and CMO. “The Joyboxx’s non-toxic material keeps it clean and safe to use with silicone. I like to use several toys when playing and the Joyboxx & Playtray system is a great way to switch toys without disrupting the flow,” said Ars.

Dr. X-treme, Orgasmatronics, Inc. CEO and inventor said, “As a sex toy inventor, what I desperately need is a box specially for my toys that can be washed and kept really clean, but is still rugged enough to go in my bike pannier across town. Every sex toy maker needs one of these.”