Orgasmatronics to Exclusively Distribute Sensual Sundaes Vegan Body Care Line

DENVER ­– Although Orgasmatronics has made a name for itself with high-powered hardware, the company is unveiling its soft side with exclusive distribution of Sensual Sundaes vegan and natural body butters and scrubs.

Sensual Sundaes is a new, female­owned company founded by recipe maker Raine. After searching for a moisturizer that would leave her flesh silky smooth, she decided to develop her own nourishing, natural, and vegan moisturizer, devoid of harmful chemicals. She uses certified organic ingredients as often as she can.

Orgasmatronics co­founder, Alexandra Ars, is thrilled about this partnership, saying, "I'm super excited about partnering with Raine to offer Orgasmatronics' fans Sensual Sundaes so they can feel sensual and sexy when they are using the X1 Orgasmatron or the Ambrosia Vibe or even hacking their own vibrator.

"Orgasmatronic's values products that are eco­friendly like these natural and vegan body butters and scrubs as well as our new vegan harness from ASLAN Leather."

Sensual Sundaes are now available on