Orgasmatronics Unveils Master Beta Kit

Ariana Rodriguez

DENVER — Orgasmatronics has introduced the Master Beta Kit, an Arduino-based educational project that provides you with everything needed to “hack” a sex toy.

The kit provides a no-experience-needed, no-soldering-needed introduction to using an Arduino to control vibrators and other sex toys, allowing users to create custom vibration patterns, and tailor toys to one's own needs.

And as more and more Arduino-based toys enter the market, the Master Beta Kit is even more essential for the savvy erotic explorer.

"Companies sell this as a feature because Arduino is easy to program,"  says Master Beta creator Doctor X. Treme. "But many of the people who know almost enough to make use of this still have not taken the plunge to learn how to do anything with Arduino because it's complex and they don't know where to start."

The Master Beta Kit was developed by a former quantum physicist who is known by his pseudonym Dr. X. Treme. Dr. X’s resume includes a PhD in applied physics from Yale, a math/physics double degree from Berkeley, the development of several technologies from concept to application in the quantum electronics field, and managing science research projects for the federal government. In 2012, he left government science to co-found Orgasmatronics and successfully crowdfunded his invention, the Ambrosia Vibe bionic strap-on in 2014.

His latest invention, the Master Beta Kit will be available through a special Indiegogo campaign that launched today. In addition to getting the Master Beta Kit at a discounted price, campaign backers will also receive access to special perks from Bad Dragon, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jiz Lee and more.

This spring, Doctor X. Treme says he will be teaching sex toy hacking classes at venues around the country, including New York City’s ThoughtWorks and NYC Resistor.