ASLAN Leather, Orgasmatronics Team Up to Release Handsolo Harness

DENVER ­– ASLAN and Orgasmatronics have teamed up to release the Handsolo, a custom harness that allows users to enjoy the X1 Orgasmatron’s hands­free vibe.

According to the company, with the Handsolo, users report that the X1 feels even more similar to the Sybian. The X1 Orgasmatron is touted as a “sex machine small enough to fit in your purse,” offering gyrating motion, variable speed control and medical-grade silicone.

"I'm pretty much beside myself that we are able to collaborate with ASLAN on this,” Orgasmatronics founder Dr. X. Treme said. “This is the hands­free solution we've been looking for literally since before we started this company. It's going to rock your world."

ASLAN founder Carrie Gray says he is equally enthused about the partnership.

"Orgasmatronics is a forward thinking company that is clearly dedicated to creating toys for the purpose of achieving orgasmic pleasure,” Gray said. “The X1 Orgasmatron is a beautifully designed, very powerful vibrator, and I was really excited to design [the Handsolo] custom hands­free harness. Looking forward to the next custom harness coming soon."

The Handsolo Harness is currently available for sale through the Orgasmatronics website.