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Williams Trading Co. Offering 30% Discount on Top Brands

Williams Trading Co. is having a 30 percent off sale throughout March. The sale covers the full lines of Body Action, Hott Products and Nasstoys as well as Cloud 9 Novelties' personal lubricants.

Eldorado Now Stocking Hott Products' Gold Series

Eldorado Trading Company is now shipping the Hott Products’ Gold Series line of premium realistic feel vibrating dildos.

Williams Trading Launches Month-Long Holiday Sale

Williams Trading Co. has launched a month-long holiday sale.


Hott Products' Chris Post Discusses Development, Market Trends

Go into your local adult novelty shop and pick up a pair of edible undies. Maybe it’s a gag gift. Maybe it’s intended to spice up a sexual relationship that has started to feel rote. Maybe it’s part of a birthday or anniversary present — the details of which will be shared behind closed doors.

Jordan Fenster ·

Williams Trading University Adds Hott Products, Doc Johnson Courses

Veteran adult distributor Williams Trading Co. has added new courses sponsored by Hott Products and Doc Johnson to Williams Trading University (WTU.)

Hott Products Rolls Out Wet Dreams, Skinsastions Toy Lines

Hott Products Unlimited announced the release of its new Wet Dreams and Skinsations toy lines.

Pleasure Products Industry Vets Share Advice, Tales of Biz Past

Strong. Powerful. Long lasting. These words often describe the gizmos in the crazy world of adult sex toys but it also describes those people who have been in the industry for more than 15 years, mostly with the same company.

Kim Airs ·

Hott Products to Unveil New Boobie Sports, Bachelorette Games at ANME

Hott Products goes back to its roots with a collection of novelties and a new marketing concept for displaying smaller impulse edibles and lotions and potions pillow line.

Hott Products Unveils New Bachelorette Party Items, Packaging

Hott Products has repackaged and added to its range of bachelorette party themed novelties.

Hott Products Introduces Jingle Balls Holiday-themed Pops

Hott Products has introduced Jingle Balls Holiday Cock-Pops and Jingle Balls Holiday-Cock Ring-Pop.

Hott Products Revamps Signature Collections

Hott Products is re-releasing several of its signature lines with new packaging, including the Dinger collection, the Elegant Series of vibrators and Lollipipe edible candy pipe.

Hott Products Introduces Horny Honey Line

With several of its products available at mainstream retailers, including Spencer’s, Hott Products said it is furthering its reach into mainstream with the female-friendly Horny Honey collection.

Hott Products Takes On Vibes With 2 High-end Series

Hott Products, a company known for its playful novelty items that encompass everything from sexy edible treats to cockrings and lip gloss, is venturing into the vibrator market with the upcoming release of two high-end lines.


Hott Products

In the late 80s hair bands ruled Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and the music scene. Hott Products Vice President Chris Post played a part in this spectacle as frontman for the southern rock-infused band Dillinger. In 1991, Dillinger released the “Horses and Hawgs” album. The video for their song “Home for Better Days” played on MTV and the band toured the nation. When the grunge scene set in many of these bands had to move on.

Ariana Rodriguez ·