Williams Trading Co. Offering 30% Discount on Top Brands

Williams Trading Co. Offering 30% Discount on Top Brands

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. is having a 30 percent off sale throughout March. The sale covers the full lines of Body Action, Hott Products and Nasstoys as well as Cloud 9 Novelties' personal lubricants. 

“Body Action’s line of adult sexual enhancement products has quickly become the platinum standard in the industry,” a rep said, “having created the most effective array of sexual stimulation solutions available. Endless Love, Extreme Glide, Nude Bright and Stamina Spray for Men have not only revolutionized what was once thought possible with modern supplemental enhancement, they have also raised the bar to create a new universe of sexual pleasure.” 

The Hott Products line includes mints, gum, gummies, bachelorette items and new Skintastic Dildos. “All Hott Products are designed to increase retail sales and margin through impulse purchasing,” the rep continued. “Hott offers sexy edible products such as their best-selling Cock Candy Necklaces and lollipops. These fun products are available in countertop bulk displays and can also be hung on hooks for a second facing.

“Nasstoys sells over 900 items in 20 product categories made from a variety of amazing materials. Their products are creatively packaged for retail sale in both risqué XXX and mainstream adult markets. In 2018, Nasstoys has released some innovative new products with their Infinitt, Intense and Ultra Classics Line.”

Cloud 9 Novelties personal lubricants are also part of the sale.

Williams Trading Co. is accepting orders online and at (800) 423-8587. Learn more here.