Hott Products Unveils New Bachelorette Party Items, Packaging

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Hott Products has repackaged and added to its range of bachelorette party themed novelties.

“This fresh new bachelorette line of products is unique and different,” said Chris Post, Hott Products vice president of sales and marketing.

The new look for the collection of bachelorette themed products features a cohesive design consisting of a white base with a muti-colored penis print.

According to Post, Hott Products consulted with bachelorette party planners from around the country. “A lot of research and development went into this line,” Post said.

Hott Products’ latest release of 15 new products brings the company’s total range of bachelorette themed items to 50. Existing products will be repackaged to fit in with the new releases, which include Mylar balloons, a silk sash, a diamond ring center piece, as well as plates and cups.

Of the new releases, Post said that he has high hopes for the success of a new bachelorette themed tablecloth that features games and comes with markers to keep bachelorette party guests entertained. Additionally, Posts said he also anticipates success with new napkins featuring trivia questions.

With an assortment of adult themed edible treats, light-up gear and accessories designed to serve as bachelorette party favors, Post said Hott Products stands out as a go-to source in the category that also has maintained “rock bottom prices.”

“We consider ourselves the bachelorette party kings,” Post said.

Hott Products also has rolled out a plan-o-gram for its bachelorette party collection, which includes a sign featuring the theme of the new product packaging sized to fit on a single slat wall.

The new range of bachelorette products is slated to be released in the last week of February. For more information, call (877) 655-3818.