Hott Products to Unveil New Boobie Sports, Bachelorette Games at ANME

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Hott Products goes back to its roots with a collection of novelties and a new marketing concept for displaying smaller impulse edibles and lotions and potions pillow line.

Hott Products’ new novelty line, Boobie Sports, features three items: Boobie Football, Boobie Basketball and the Boobie Flyer (Frisbee).

“These cute little toys are a fresh take on unique fun novelties in the adult marketplace that are sorely lacking and much anticipated,” said Chris Post of Hott Products.

Also included in Hott’s new releases are two new bachelorette party games: Pecker Bingo and Pecker Pins Bowling.

“These games put a hilarious twist on games that are considered timeless classics and from what we have seen should perform well at the retail level with their fun packaging and low price points for which Hott is known for,” Post said.

“Over the years Hott has built a strong brand recognition for its unique edible range as well as creative lotions and potions, which also are covered here with the release of a wide range series of impulse items that come in 'gravity feed' displays which stores owners will love — being that they have a cross marketing appeal with the ability to hang on the wall ( to conserve space) or set on the counter,” Post continued.” All of these items are proudly displayed in a new supplement catalog for summer 2012 which Hott plans on releasing at ANME.”

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