Nocturne Signature

Bad Dragon
Nocturne Signature

The Nocturne by Bad Dragon is one of the wildest dildos I have ever seen. The color is an unreal violet and it certainly looks like the excited member of a dragon. It has quite a bit of weight to it and is squishy and flexible. If you are comfortable riding this very odd phallus, get ready for the bumps. The shaft is made up of a head followed by two bulbs that get larger towards the base. The largest one might be a challenge for some. If you can get it all the way in, you will be rewarded by the soft dragon spikes at the base.

Market Appeal

This particular model also came with a tube down the inside of the dildo. You can inject cum-like lube to make the experience extra exciting. The lube does make a bit of a mess, but the fun that came out of it was well worth it.

Manufacturer Description:

This AltPorn Award winner for Best Novelty Toy 2016 is sure to be a valuable addition to your toy lineup. With a pronounced head that is enhanced with exquisite ridges, to a shaft revealing two detailed bulges on the bottom, gradually adding thickness as you work your way down, Nocturne is quite the experience. Plenty of space below the knot allows it to stay in place during use while the nubs on the base will tickle you in the most intimate of regions!

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