M Baron (Baron’s Natural)

Bad Dragon
M Baron (Baron’s Natural)

This is one colossal cock, lemme tell ya. The thick and veiny shaft begins bright red and continues down to the huge, luscious, wine colored balls at the bottom that make this hulking hunk of silicone easily double as a break in and entering deterrent. I can feel every extremely well defined, rippled ring and dragony ridge that doubles as the precious and pronounced corpus spongiosum. Full of texture and fantasy, the Bad Dragon M Baron is meant to make any adult expand their eyeballs in delight and their orifices in hungry anticipation.

Manufacturer Description:

Before you is quite the dominating and hulking figure! A massive head swelled up with tantalizing textures surrounding it, looking like an incredibly fulfilling feat in and of itself. Below a girthy and thick shaft, thick layers protruding throughout to form and even more tantalizing and wild ride experience. All sitting on a hefty set of balls, feeling like the perfect ground as you ride your way to a pleasure filled experience. Baron is a fantastic toy for intermediate and experienced users alike, especially for those looking for a layered and girthy toy, backed by an incredible textured ride. Baron will bring countless hours of simple and fun bliss to your bedroom. Succumb to countless hours of pleasure to be had, order Baron, the Hell Knight today!

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