Cum Lube

Bad Dragon
Cum Lube

Cum lube. You know you really want it to experience the safest form of bodily fluid exchange. Like wearing a post-sex pearl necklace? Want to experience what a money shot really means? Want to send a selfie to make your ex-boyfriend writhe in jealousy even though you’re still single? Time to crack out the Bad Dragon Cum Lube and get those porn star fantasies going without even having to have a hard on. Or even a partner. This milky, water based lube will even look good dribbled all over your sextoy or dripping off the edge of your chin. Safely, of course.

Manufacturer Description:

Slick, slippery, and stringy, Cum Lube is similar in appearance to the real thing! It can be used alone or with a partner or can add an exciting twist to playtime. Safe to use on silicone toys, and a fantastic compliment to all Bad Dragon products. Whatever you use it for, Cum Lube is water-based, non-toxic, paraben free, made in the USA, and comes in sealed bottles.

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