M Vector (Vector’s Natural 5 Firmness)

Bad Dragon
M Vector (Vector’s Natural 5 Firmness)
Firm but with just enough floppiness to give it plenty of flex when investigating your pleasure innards, Bad Dragon’s latest silicone dildo will stimulate whatever it can reach. With a pancake-shaped head and multiple textures within the shaft, this multicolored toy sports a hefty base that proves to be a real handful. As with every Bad Dragon dildo, the design is unique — and the colors are custom-poured to your liking, as is the ultimate firmness of the toy. So not only will it be pleasing to your eyes, but also, your thighs.

Manufacturer Description:

Vector™ is a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced users alike, who are looking for a toy with a cyber-enhanced and futuristic look. Excellent girth and length, along with textures that really put you into that cyber-enhanced fantasy, Vector™ is sure to bring countless hours of fun and talk in the bedroom. Vector™ is offered in a wide variety of color themes and adaptations to really go for that custom fantasy vibe. Let Vector™ escort you through a Neon Nights you will never forget, order Vector™ today!

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