Eggplug (small)

Bad Dragon
Eggplug (small)

When I first gazed at this two-tone, silicone bulb from Bad Dragon, I thought it would make a great addition to my desktop — until I felt it. The rich, golden base is a firm silicone and the deep, shapely, navy blue plug on the top has a delicious give to it unlike any other butt plug I’ve experienced. It almost feels like a stress ball that’s made in the perfect size (albeit somewhat larger) to relieve the stress of the day. What better way to do that than to comfortably plunge this silicone doozy up your butt so you can tell the stressors out there to do the same?  It’s sweet revenge and beauty all wrapped up in one tidy plug. And oh, it’s also the perfect size for vag plunging, too… nice and fat and not too long. Yum.

Manufacturer Description:

Introducing the newest sensation from Bad Dragon, the Egg Plug! The beautifully designed Egg Plug is a great addition to any adult toy collection, and is sure to plug you into wonderful fantasy fun. Plug away at our website and place your order for the latest Bad Dragon creation today!

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