Mystic’s Natural

Bad Dragon
Mystic’s Natural

Mystic, as the name would suggest, very much invokes fantasy elements to put forth this behemoth of a spiral unicorn horn dildo. I had the pleasure of trying out a large which, if you’re not an enthusiastically self-proclaimed size queen, save yourself the trouble and opt for one of the smaller models - the small already is more than enough.

While having a reputation for putting out some more extreme toys, Bad Dragon actually offers a highly customizable product, with five sizes, three firmnesses and 33 color options to choose from for Mystic alone. The “Mystic Natural” color that I received was nice enough to look at during the day, with a off-white shaft and lilac base, however once the lights went out, I was thrilled to find that the shaft actually glows in the dark! What a fun surprise that made for a pretty thrilling play session.

Manufacturer Description:

A Bone colored shaft with Silver Dazzle that glow Green in the dark with a three color marble base of Nightfall, a translucent Metallic Purple, and pure Silver Dazzle.

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