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XVideoRed.com Ordered Transferred to XVideos.com

XVideos.com’s parent company scored another knockout in a cybersquatting case decided last week.

Philippines Government Starts Blocking Adult Sites

The Philippines government has reportedly ordered the blockage of adult websites.

XVideos.es Ordered Transferred to XVideos.com

XVideos.com’s parent company, Czech Republic-based WGCZ S.R.O, was successful in its case against the operator of XVideos.es, which ran a Spanish-language tube site clone.

MindGeek, XVideos Settle Infringement Suit

MindGeek has apparently settled with the operators of XVideos.com and XNXX.com in a suit filed last year that claimed the tube sites streamed its content in excess of 100 million times without authorization.

XVideosxxx.club Ordered Transferred to XVideos

XVideos’ parent company clubbed another domain holder in a cybersquatting case decided last week.

MindGeek Files Infringement Suit Against XVideos.com Parent

Adult entertainment conglomerate MindGeek filed a lawsuit this week in Los Angeles federal court against the operators of XNXX.com and XVideos.com, claiming the tube sites streamed its content in excess of 100 million times without authorization.

UDRP Decision Hinges on Non-English Character Set Infringement

The company operating XVideos.com was successful again in a cybersquatting claim adjudicated at WIPO, but the latest case shows the need for adult entertainment brands to be on the lookout for more than just the obvious.

XVideoNow Domain Name Ordered Transferred to XVideos

The domain name XVideoNow.com has been ordered transferred by a WIPO arbitrator over to the company behind XVideos.com.

XVideos, Xnxx File 4 New Cybersquatting Claims

The companies behind the adult tube sites Xnxx.com and XVideos.com today filed more cybersquatting claims at WIPO.

XVideos.tv Ordered Transferred to XVideos.com

Score another victory for XVideos.com’s parent company. The adult tube site behemoth wrestled the domain name XVideos.tv from its operator at an arbitration hearing at WIPO.

In Settlement, XVideos.com Takes Over XVideos.net

The company behind XVideos.com keeps scooping up similar domain names and taking over adult tube site enterprises with their massive amounts of traffic. The latest tube site to be taken over is XVideos.net.

XVideos.com Wins Cybersquatting Case Over XVideos.nu

An arbitrator has sided with XVideos.com again in a cybersquatting case. This time it is over the domain name XVideos.nu.

XVideos Wins Cybersquatting Cases Involving 2 Adult Tube Sites

An arbitrator in two separate cybersquatting cases has ruled for the parent company of XVideos.com. The adult brand filed claims against the operator of two adult tube sites — XVideosDaily.com and XVideosToday.net.

XVideos.nu Domain Name Ordered Transferred

An arbitrator, siding with the operator of XVideos.com in a cybersquatting claim, recently awarded the company the XVideos.nu domain name.

Facebook Messenger Is Censoring Some Porn Sites, Report Says

Facebook Messenger, the new mobile app, censors some porn sites, according to a blog post on Reason.com today.

XVideos.com Files 3 More Cybersquatting Cases

XVideos.com's operator has filed new UDRP complaints over the domains XVideosDaily.com, XVideosToday.net and XVideos.nu.

New XVideos.com Policy Sparks Concerns Among Content Owners

JT of ReallyUsefulCash.com was the first to raise the topic: That XVideos.com has changed a key policy that affects uploaders to the popular tube site.

WIPO Arbitrators Order 2 Porn Domains Transferred

The parent company of XNXX.com recently received another victory over a domain name after arbitrators at WIPO agreed that operators of XNXX.pro registered it in bad faith. Another case at WIPO involved NudeCam4.com.

4 More Porn Domains Ordered Transferred to XVideos, XNXX

The parent company of XVideos.com and XNXX.com has snagged four more adult tube site domains in four more UDRP cases.

HD-XVideos.com Ordered Transferred to XVideos.com

An arbitration panel ruled last week that the operator of HD-XVideos.com must hand over the domain name to owners of the adult tube site XVideos.com.