XVideosxxx.club Ordered Transferred to XVideos

XVideosxxx.club Ordered Transferred to XVideos

FRANKFURT — XVideos’ parent company clubbed another domain holder in a cybersquatting case decided last week.

This time around an arbitrator ruled against the operator of XVideosxxx.club, who has been ordered to hand over the domain name to XVideos’ parent, WGCZ S.R.O.

XVideosxxx.club was registered by respondent Italo Fabris of São Paulo, Brazil, in August 2015. 

Once aboard, users are directed to Videosxx.club, where it resolves to a Portuguese-language adult tube site.

Fabris did not respond to the claim before arbitrator Stephanie Hartung, a WIPO neutral.

Hartung ordered the domain name transferred after finding that XVideosxxx.club com is nearly identical to the “XVideos” trademark, that Fabris did not have any legitimate rights or interests in the domain name, and that he registered and used the site as an adult portal in bad faith.

Parent company WGCZ, based in the Czech Republic, has marks for the “XVideos” name in the U.S. and in the E.U.

WGCZ built up the tube site brand in 2007 and now has 4.4 billion page views per month, according to a brief in the case.

WGCZ was represented in the case by attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. Randazza and WGCZ have been victorious in numerous WIPO rulings involving copycat websites. Those sites ordered transferred to the company include XVideos.co, XVideoNow.com, HD-XVideos.com, New-XVideos.com XVideos.nu, XVideosToday.net, XVideosDaily.com, XVideos.net, XN--XVdeos-4va.net and now XVideosxxx.club.