XVideos.tv Ordered Transferred to XVideos.com

LAS VEGAS — Score another victory for XVideos.com’s parent company.

The adult tube site behemoth wrestled the domain name XVideos.tv from its operator at an arbitration hearing at WIPO.

XVideos.tv today was ordered transferred to WGCZ S.R.O., which has held a U.S. trademark on "XVideos" since 2012.

XVideos.tv is marketed as a German-language adult tube site and is reportedly operated by Timothy Hunt of Seychelles. The site offers adult tube site fare, as well as links to webcam sites and telephone sex sites. Prior to the ruling, Hunt told arbitrators that he offered to sell the domain for $150,000.

Just last week it was revealed that WGCZ was victorious in its challenge against the tube site operator of XVideos.net, the top prize in its anti-cybersquatting assault waged against other domain said to be infringing on its marquee name.

In the past year WGCV has taken over XVideos.nu, XVideosDaily.com, XVideosToday.net, New-XVideos.com, X-Videos.com, HD-XVideos and XVideos.co -- all highly trafficked tube sites that offered adult fare.

WGCZ operates scores of other adult tube sites, including XNXX.com, and is based in Czechoslovakia and has U.S. operations in Las Vegas.

In most of those cybersquatting cases, WGCV has benefited by taking over and re-branding the transferred sites.

Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, who litigated the cybersquatting claim on behalf of WGCV, has filed scores of such claims for WGCZ.

"This one was a particularly satisfying win for us, since they weren't just using the domain for a pay-per-click site or a redirect, but they were operating a complete clone of my clients website, catering to the lucrative German market," Randazza told XBIZ.