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Nasstoys Launches STI Awareness Social Media Campaign

Nasstoys has launched a social media initiative focusing on sexual health and wellness to mark STI Awareness Month.

India Censors 18 Social Media Platforms as 'Obscene'

The conservative Hindu nationalist government of Narendra Modhi has blocked 18 social media platforms in India, claiming they “promoted obscenity and vulgarity under the guise of ‘creative expression.’”

Florida Republicans Combine Age Verification, Social Media Ban Bills

Republican state legislators in Florida have incorporated a copycat age verification bill, introduced by a pastor and based on other laws championed by religious conservatives across the country, into a larger bill that aims to prevent anyone under 16 from using certain social media platforms.


How to Leverage Social Media to Increase Retail Foot Traffic, Sales

These days it can feel like everybody is interacting on a screen of some kind, with less IRL engagement than ever. This can be especially frustrating for brick-and-mortar business owners, because while social media followers are great, you need in-person foot traffic to keep your business going.

Eric Lee ·

Liberator Taps Valerie Barajas for Role of Social Media Manager

Liberator has hired Valerie Barajas as the company's new social media manager.


Q&A: Luckless Holly Ascends as XBIZ Rising Premium Social Media Star

Before Luckless Holly became an adult content creator, she worked in a variety of roles such as gas station clerk, Victoria’s Secret sales associate and stay-at-home mom. She even managed and modeled for her clothing brand, Luckless Outfitters.

Alejandro Freixes ·

Encouraging Interactions With Fans on Social Media

Every content creator knows the key to success: engagement. Plenty of users will come across your profile, but only those who engage will stick around and contribute monetarily. Driving engagement is therefore crucial.

Eva ·

Judge Blocks Arkansas 'Social Media Safety' Age Verification Law

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas on Thursday granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Arkansas government from enforcing the state’s sweeping new Social Media Safety Act, which was scheduled to take effect today, until its merits are litigated.

TeazeSocial Relaunches Premium Social Media Platform

Adult social media platform TeazeSocial has relaunched following an outage.


Harnessing Implied Nudity for Social Media Marketing

Using social media to sell subscriptions to your premium content is neither easy nor simple. Mainstream social media platforms tend to have strict — if not downright archaic — policies regarding what kinds of photos or images you can post.

Danny Ferretti ·

Leah Gotti Joins CamSoda's Xfollow Premium Social Media Platform

Leah Gotti has joined CamSoda's Xfollow premium social media platform.

CAM4 Marks 16th Anniversary With Month-Long Social Media Promo

CAM4 is inviting streamers to join its 16th-anniversary celebration throughout the month with the social media hashtag #CAM416.


Effectively Directing Fan Traffic From Social Media

When posting to various platforms, it’s important to be aware of your wording. Captivating, unique and compelling descriptions of your content can make the difference between someone clicking on your link or scrolling past.

Megan Stokes ·

Gianna Michaels Joins Xfollow Premium Social Media Platform

Gianna Michaels has joined CamSoda's Xfollow premium social media platform.

Supreme Court Upholds Section 230 for Social Media Platforms

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Section 230, ruling in favor of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube/Google in two cases that were being closely watched by free speech and digital rights advocates.

FSC Launches Tool for Reporting Social Media Censorship

Free Speech Coalition has launched a reporting tool for adult workers and businesses to log incidents of social media censorship.

ASACP Taps Michael McGrady, Jr. as Social Media Manager

The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has hired Michael McGrady, Jr. as its new social media manager.


Implications of the Utah Social Media Regulation Act

Recently, I penned an article for the February 2023 edition of XBIZ World magazine, analyzing the impact of Louisiana’s age verification law, HB 142. Fast-forward just a few months and now the Utah legislature has passed an amended version of Senate Bill 152, the Utah Social Media Regulation Act.

Corey D. Silverstein ·

France Aims to Expand Age Verification to Social Media Platforms

The Culture Committee of France’s National Assembly voted last week to expand age verification requirements already mandated for adult content to include several popular mainstream social media platforms.


Tips for Growing Followers, Building Loyalty Through Social Media

It’s no secret that our industry is heavily regulated, even stigmatized. It may seem unfair that content about sex education and intimate wellness gets lumped into the same category as pornography.

Anna Boldú ·