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Arkansas Republican Succeeds in Mandating Age Verification for All Major Platforms

The Arkansas legislature gave final legislative approval yesterday to a Republican senator's bill mandating that a number of major open social media platforms — including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat — implement age verification starting Sept. 1.

Digital Rights, Adult Industry Groups Warn About 'Porn Passport' State Laws

Digital rights and adult industry groups are sounding the alarm about the recent onslaught of “porn passport” state laws promoted by anti-porn groups and politicians, mandating various forms of age verification.

Arkansas Age Verification Bill Clears State House

Arkansas’ SB 66, a Republican bill that would require age verification before “entering a website offering pornography,” cleared the state House last week.

Arkansas Age Verification Bill Amended Over Confusing Language

The Arkansas House approved yesterday an amendment to SB 66, a Republican bill that would require age verification before “entering a website offering pornography,” over confusing language.

North Dakota Republicans' Bill Proposes Total 'Obscenity Control'

A partisan bill introduced by North Dakota Republican state senators would redefine “obscene material and performance” and “explicit sexual material” in extremely broad terms that would result in creating criminal liability for almost all instances of nudity and references to sex outside of adult venues.

Republicans Across the Country Continue Efforts to Redefine 'Prurient' Content

Republicans across the nation continue their ongoing campaign to legally redefine “prurient” — along with other terms like “obscenity,” “pornography” and “harmful to minors” — through diverse pieces of state legislation concerning topics such as online age verification, the purchase of library materials and the zoning of venues allowing drag shows.

The Guardian Probes Religious Motivation of Republican Anti-Sex Bills

The Guardian published a report today probing the religious motivations behind the current Republican effort to put forth “anti-porn bills” at the state level across the U.S.

Republican Admits Ultimate Goal of Arkansas Age Verification Bill is Federal Law

A Republican state senator in Arkansas who introduced a bill last month requiring age verification before “entering a website offering pornography” admitted that his state initiative is only a stepping stone toward the ultimate goal of a federal mandate.

Utah Republicans Continue Introducing Controversial Age Verification Bills

Republican state legislators in Utah have introduced two controversial age verification bills that could have nationwide ramifications.

West Virginia Republican Seeks to Redefine 'Obscene' and 'Prurient'

A controversial West Virginia state senator introduced this month two bills attempting to redefine “obscene matter” and “prurient interest” in the state, in an effort to censor sexual content.

Mississippi Republican Introduces Copycat Age Verification Bill

A Republican state senator in Mississippi has introduced a copycat bill patterned after the Louisiana state law that mandates age verification for websites featuring pornographic content.

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Outlaw All Porn Nationwide

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) this week introduced the Interstate Obscenity Definition Act, a bill that nominally aims to “establish a national definition of obscenity” but which would, in effect, outlaw all online sexual content nationwide.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft Seeks to Redefine 'Smut'

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft this week attempted to clarify his proposed ban on funding for what he called “prurient” library books, by explaining that he meant “smut.”

Utah Republican Argues for Return to Pre-1973 Definition of 'Obscenity'

A Republican member of the Utah state legislature is arguing for a return to the pre-1973 standard for determining what speech or expression is “obscene” and therefore not protected by the First Amendment.

Pennsylvania Republican Introduces 'Mandatory Porn Filter' Copycat Bill

A Republican member of the Pennsylvania state legislature has introduced a new bill mandating default “porn filters” on phones and computers sold in the state.

Arizona Republican Paul Gosar Questions Free Speech Status of Porn

Arizona Republican congressman Paul Gosar made comments on social media Wednesday questioning longstanding jurisprudence protecting sexual expression as free speech under the First Amendment.

Ohio Republican Senate Candidate JD Vance Calls for 'Outright Ban' on Porn

Recent coverage of Ohio Republican J.D. Vance, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, has foregrounded a year-old interview with a Catholic publication where he calls for an “outright ban” on porn.

Republican Senators Pressure TV Ratings Board Over 'Disturbing' LGBTQ+ Content

Five Republican senators are demanding an overhaul of the current TV ratings system to include warnings about LGBTQ+ content, which they claim “not only harms children, but also destabilizes and damages parental rights.”

Sen. Rick Scott's GOP Platform Proposes Return to 'Obscenity' Prosecutions

Florida Senator Rick Scott’s proposal for the first new Republican Party platform since 2014 includes a section claiming there is an “explosion of pornography” and that a GOP administration “must defend the American family from societal elements that erode it” by reviving federal obscenity prosecutions.

Republican Donor Purchases 'Sizable Stake' in Twitter

In a move that could signal wide-ranging implications for the adult industry, Elliott Management Corp. has purchased a "sizable stake" of Twitter and is now seeking to remove CEO Jack Dorsey.