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Obama Calls for Online Privacy Policy

The Obama administration recently released new guidelines that recommend ways to protect the privacy of consumers online.

StealthUSB Launches USB Privacy Device

A USB device that allows users to watch porn, gamble, video chat, email and instant message without leaving a data trail on computers was announced by StealthUSB LLC today.

New Zealand Sparks Debate Over New Online Privacy Provision

A new section in New Zealand’s Copyright Amendment Bill is sparking controversy because it assumes suspected infringers are guilty, putting the burden on them to prove they are innocent.

AIM Addresses HIV Privacy Regulations

The AIM Healthcare Foundation issued a statement on its website, saying that its handling of the current HIV case is in full compliance with all county, state and federal law regarding both reporting and privacy protection.

Privacy Group Targets Law Firm for Porn Data Breach

Tens of thousands of users’ personal email information was reportedly leaked from British anti-piracy law group’s ACS:Law’s website on Friday.


Porn, Privacy, HIPAA - Redux

In February, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation took their fight against AIM and the adult industry to the authorities of the federal Office for Civil Rights, a federal agency under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that enforces HIPAA, the California Office of Health Information Integrity enforcement Unit and Los Angeles County’s Health Facilities Inspection Division.

Michael W. Fattorosi ·

Report: ‘Porn Mode’ Privacy May Not Be Secure

A new report says that private browsing options provided by the four major browser publishers aren’t as anonymous and secure as some surfers may think.

U.S. Regulators Reject AHF's Privacy Complaint

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has closed the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s privacy complaint against AIM Healthcare.

Privacy Not Porn Tops Parent’s Concerns

A recent IPSOS Reid survey commissioned by Trend Micro reveals that Canadian parents see "online over-sharing" as the main threat to children.

FTC Examines Cloud Privacy

One issue that must be faced by all website operators is protecting the privacy of visitors — or of at least clearly informing them about it when you're not protecting their privacy.

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Judge Denies Larry Flynt's Privacy Request

A judge has denied Hustler’s Larry Flynt’s request to keep his statements about a legal dispute with his brother sealed for fear of embarrassment.

Proposed Health Code Changes Seek to Balance Privacy With Healthcare

Proposed changes to California’s Health and Safety code seek to balance privacy concerns with access to healthcare for people with HIV.

AIDS Group Takes Shot at AIM, Says It Violates Privacy Rights

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has taken a shot at the industry's top adult-performer testing clinic, the AIM Healthcare Foundation.

'American Privacy' Named Book of the Month

The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression has selected "American Privacy: The 400-Year-History of Our Most Contested Right" as its Book of the Month for November.

Google Unveils New Privacy Dashboard

Google has added a new feature that lets users monitor and modify how much information the tech giant knows about them.


Porn, Privacy and the HIPAA

The story of the possible infection spread rapidly throughout the community, but what did not make it into the press were the actual identities of the performers infected or exposed in the most recent outbreak.

Michael Fattorosi ·

Google Docs in Search Results Raises Privacy Concerns

Google recently announced plans to start crawling documents published on its free document-sharing service.

Baseball Ruling Bolsters Online Privacy Rights

A federal court ruling in the world of professional baseball may affect online privacy for people everywhere.

Suit: Facebook Invades Privacy, Sells Personal Data

New allegations reveal that Facebook permits third parties access to mine information without users' knowledge or consent. Facebook also has approved placing sexually oriented ads, a suit says.

‘Patient Zero’ Files Suit Against Calif., AIM Over Right to Privacy

The unnamed adult performer is seeking an injunction over the release of patient medical records.