Study: More Americans Concerned About Online Privacy

OSLO, Norway — The Opera web browser released a study that shows more Americans worry about their online privacy being violated (25 percent) than going bankrupt (23 percent) or losing their job (22 percent).

The study, which included more than 1,000 participants, also revealed that of the three web-heavy nations studied — the U.S., Japan, and Russia — Americans were by far the most fearful of the government monitoring their online activities.

More than 35 percent said they were worried most about the government knowing too much about their online activities versus only 14 percent in Russian and 7 percent in Japan.

However, the study showed that 61 percent of Americans felt more confident about their online security than those in foreign countries.

Americans also deleted their web histories more often and were second to the Russians in antivirus use.

The study revealed some gender differences in term of web browsing habits. The study found 52 percent of men surveyed delete their web browsing history regularly, compared to 42 percent of women.