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Riley Reid's Phone, Twitter Account Taken Over by Malicious Hackers

Riley Reid’s phone and Twitter account were compromised Tuesday evening after malicious hackers took control of her phone number.

Security Experts Warn Against Fraudulent 'Java Update' Popup on Adult Sites

Two months after warning of a surge in malvertising fraud targeting adult websites, internet security experts have determined that the bad actors behind it have switched tactics from “exploit kit delivery” to “social engineering” via a fake Java update screen.

Hackers Place Seizure Notice on Corbin Fisher's Official Blog

Hooligans were at play last week when they hacked into the official blog for gay porn studio Corbin Fisher and placed an official-looking seizure notice on the website.

Hackers Show How to Attack a 'Smart' Vibrator at Def Con

A team at the Def Con hacking conference last week showed off how to attack the We Vibe 4 Plus, a Bluetooth-enabled couple's vibrator that can be controlled by a smartphone app.

Apple’s App Store Targeted by Chinese Hackers

Apple’s longstanding reputation for flawless security is in jeopardy, following reports of dozens of malware-infected apps being distributed through its proprietary App Store.

Hackers Dump More Ashley Madison Data

The hacking group calling itself “Impact Team” has hit Ashley Madison again. Today, the group said it released another data dump — one that is double the size of the previous one.

Ashley Madison Hackers Reportedly Release Stolen Data

With a tagline of “Life is short. Have an affair,” adult lifestyle site Ashley Madison’s home page boasts “over 38,920,000 anonymous members” — but if some recent reports are accurate, those many millions of members are no longer anonymous...


Hackers Set Sights on Bitcoin-Stealing Malware

As if the world of bitcoin and its copycats was not cloudy enough, criminal hackers are now targeting bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users via malware injections that can (and have) resulted in the loss of the user’s coins.

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Chinese Hackers Use Porn to Spy on Foreign Ministries

Using porn email links as a lure, Chinese hackers were able to access the foreign ministry servers of five European countries, the New York Times has reported.

Revenge Porn's Hunter Moore Hit by 'Anonymous' Hackers

IsAnyoneUp.com founder Hunter Moore’s new attempt to revive his revenge porn ways has been stymied by Anonymous hackers.

DigitalPlayground.com Compromised by Hackers

The flagship website of Digital Playground has allegedly been hacked, exposing several thousand email addresses, usernames and passwords of its members.

Lightspeed Media Goes After Hackers

Lightspeed Media Corp., which runs LighstpeedCash and about 30 websites, filed a petition for discovery last week against scores of ISPs it claims knows the identities of those who obtained passwords then used them to break into its websites.

Porn Hackers Hit Sesame Street's YouTube Page

Hackers hit Sesame Street’s YouTube channel on Sunday and replaced its content with porn.

Australian ISP Rethinks Web Filtering Over Hackers

Telstra, one of Australia’s largest Internet service providers, is rethinking its plan to voluntarily filter the web due to fear of reprisals from hack groups like Anonymous and LulzSec.

Hackers Hit Pron.com

Hacker group Lulz Security (LulzSec) said that it hit 56 porn sites on Friday, stealing and posting administrative emails and outing 26,000 emails and passwords from users of Pron.com.

FBI Probing Hackers Seeking Celebrity Nude Pics

An FBI investigation looking into hackers allegedly poaching nude photos and videos of 50 female Hollywood celebrities has apparently spread to sports stars and politicians.

Hackers Rebel Over Porn Filtering

Hackers took down a number of Australian government websites Wednesday in strategic attacks protesting against a planned Internet filter aimed at online adult content.

RedTube Files $6M Suit After Hackers Redirect Site

Operators of RedTube claim that hackers obtained its domain name server password and in July redirected its traffic to another website.

Russian Hackers Lie Behind Twitter, Facebook Outages

Thursday's outages at Twitter and Facebook were connected through a single blogger who was targeted by hackers.

Twitter Downed by Hackers; Facebook, LiveJournal Also Affected

In a swirl of reports coming in from around the world, microblogging website Twitter was shut down earlier this morning by a hacker or team of hackers.