Compromised by Hackers

LOS ANGELES — The flagship website of Digital Playground has allegedly been hacked, exposing several thousand email addresses, usernames and passwords of its members.

A group of hackers called Th3Consortium claimed responsibility for the security breach in a message posted on an Internet message board.

“You see for a while now we have had access to, one of the five biggest porn sites in the world,” the Consortium’s message said, adding that, “We did not set out to destroy them but they made it too enticing to resist.”

The group claims to have posted information on more than 72,000 users and more than 40,000 credit card holders.

Officials from Digital Playground’s parent company Manwin were not available for comment at post time. Manwin acquired the well-known production company in January.

On Feb. 21, Manwin disabled its YouPorn chat service after the personal information of more than 350,000 of its users was breached by a hacker. An investigation about that breach is ongoing.