Hackers Place Seizure Notice on Corbin Fisher's Official Blog

Hackers Place Seizure Notice on Corbin Fisher's Official Blog

LAS VEGAS — Hooligans were at play last week when they hacked into the official blog for gay porn studio Corbin Fisher and placed an official-looking seizure notice on the website.

When users pointed to CorbinsCampus.com last week, they reached a static placeholder that included the message “This domain has been seized,” along with the line, “This domain is blocked because it was used to spread pornographic content.”

The placeholder included logos from the Justice Department, the Treasury Department and Department of Homeland Security, among others. And its message read that the site had been seized “in accordance with a “seizure warrant” obtained by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York.

But the troublemaking act that compromised the four-year-old site was short-lived. Days later, Corbin Fisher officials became aware and took back the site, which currently is “under maintenance.”

Unknown vandals using malicious code were the culprit, said Brian Dunlap, Corbin Fisher’s vice president of business development.

“The site wasn't seized; it was hacked,” Dunlap told XBIZ. “It's been an inactive blog for some time, and we've just had the URL sitting around, and it looks like someone decided to have a little fun with a WordPress vulnerability while we weren't paying attention.

“If you go to the site now, you can see that we still have it … though there's [another] placeholder there now,” he said, noting the site will be back soon directing to its normal content.

Industry attorney Lawrence Walters, who was alerted to the hacked site last week, quipped to XBIZ it was “good to know the government can’t take a website for ‘spreading pornography’ … yet.”