Hackers Dump More Ashley Madison Data

Hackers Dump More Ashley Madison Data

LOS ANGELES — The hacking group calling itself “Impact Team” has hit Ashley Madison again.

Today, the group said it released another data dump — one that is double the size of the previous one, according to Motherboard.

Earlier this week, Impact Team, has released about 10-gigabytes of data, which contained the email addresses, credit card details and profile information of Ashley Madison’s once-anonymous members.

The data release occurred after Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, refused to comply with Impact Team’s demand for the site’s closure.

“Hey Noel, you can admit it's real now,” said a message presumably directed at Avid Life Media's CEO Noel Biderman.

Along with the message is a new torrent file that directs to an archive about 20GB in size.

“Judging by the file names, it could include Biderman's emails (one compressed folder is called “noel.biderman.mail.7z”), and more internal data rather than customer information,” Motherboard said.