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AI Facial Scanning Providers Rush to Offer Age Verification Compliance Solutions

Several tech companies are offering new artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to estimate the age of people accessing websites, taking advantage of potentially lucrative opportunities for enabling compliance with the U.K.’s new Online Safety Act and similar legislation moving forward in the EU and the U.S.

Google Cracks Down on Adult Sites That Utilize Its 'Programmable Search Engine' Tool

Google disabled its Programmable Search Engine (ProSE) product on several adult sites on Tuesday, after ad industry trade publications sensationalized a report claiming that ads for major mainstream brands were appearing alongside pornographic and other controversial content.

Major Platforms Release 1st EU-Mandated Moderation Reports

As major online platforms released their first EU-mandated official moderation reports this week, the European Union’s commissioner announced Thursday that steps have been taken to initiate an investigation regarding X, TikTok and Meta’s compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Australia's Top Online Censor Fines X for Refusing to Answer Moderation Questions

Australia’s top censor, E-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, has slapped with a fine of 610,500 Australian dollars (approximately $386,000) for violating the country’s new Online Safety Act.


Tips and Insights for Building Retail Success With Google Ads

Building a successful Google Ads campaign can be a time-consuming process, and tasks such as selecting the right setup and bidding strategy can feel overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the platform’s endless acronyms, like PMAX, SSC, LIA, DSA and ROAS.

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Google's New Explicit Image Takedown Policy Unlikely to Affect Commercial Images

Google’s updated policies allowing individuals to remove “personal, explicit images” from Google Search results will not affect most commercial images created by a third party with appropriate contracts and releases.

Google Unveils New Policy Allowing Removal of Explicit Images from Search

Google on Thursday unveiled new privacy tools, including updated policies allowing individuals to remove “personal, explicit images” from Google Search results.

YouTube Censors Holly Randall Podcast Episode Debunking Anti-Sex Work Myths

YouTube removed on Wednesday an episode of the “Holly Randall Unfiltered” industry podcast, featuring an interview with Reason magazine senior editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown debunking myths about sex trafficking spread by anti-sex-work activists, mainstream media and politicians.

Supreme Court Upholds Section 230 for Social Media Platforms

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Section 230, ruling in favor of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube/Google in two cases that were being closely watched by free speech and digital rights advocates.

New EU Rules for 'Very Large' Platforms Raise Concerns for Adult Sector

The European Commission yesterday officially identified 19 major platforms and search engines to be targeted for compliance under the controversial Digital Services Act (DSA).

Religious 'Porn Surveillance' Apps Return to Google Play

Six months after suspending two religious “porn surveillance” apps following a Wired magazine report exposing them as spyware, Google Play has quietly reinstated Covenant Eyes and Accountable2You on March 1st.

Google Will Start Blurring 'Explicit' Search Images by Default

Google today announced plans to begin automatically blurring in search results, by default, images the company considers “explicit." 

Google Clarifies SEO Stance on Spam Porn Links

A Google rep has once again clarified that its search systems do not automatically penalize sites for adult links if they are not spam.

Google Researchers Continue Targeting Adult Content for Censorship

In a new paper, Google researchers continue to classify explicit sexual material in the same category as “fake, hateful, or harmful content” that requires filtering.

Religious Surveillance 'Porn Filter' Apps Appeal Google Store Ban

Two religious surveillance apps marketed as “porn filters” to churchgoers across America by faith-based corporations are appealing a ban by the Google app store, which dropped the apps following a recent bombshell report by Wired magazine.

SCOTUS to Take Up Section 230 Challenges

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today that it will hear two cases that could lead to landmark decisions about Section 230 liability protection for online platforms.

Anti-Porn Lobby NCOSE Urges Action Against Netflix for 'Normalizing' Sex Work

Religiously inspired anti-porn lobby NCOSE released yesterday its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of companies it alleges are “major contributors to sexual exploitation" and encourages its followers to target.

ClipNuke Launches With Google Chrome Extension

Adult content distribution platform has officially launched with a Google Chrome extension.

Russia: Court Fines Google for Failing to Remove 'Forbidden Content'

A Russian court fined Google 14 million rubles ($188,000) on Tuesday for failing to remove material that recent legislation by the Putin government deems “forbidden,” a designation that includes “content that advocates pornography, drugs or suicide.”

Google Bans 'Sugar Dating' Apps From Android Play Store

Google has announced that so-called "sugar dating" apps will be struck from the Android Play Store as of September 1, in an update to its content policy that specifically bans content that deals with "compensated sexual relationships."